WWE WrestleMania 24 Results 3-30-2008

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John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Finlay [Belfast Brawl] JBL is introduced first, arriving in the limo per usual. Mid intro we are shown the video compilation building up to the match. We cut back to see JBL in the ring and then promptly cut back to the video compilation. Now we have Finlay being introduced as we cut back from the compilation. Finlay comes out with Hornswoggle and they make their way to the ring. Finlay charges the rest of the way as he walks the very long entrance ramp. JBL kicks Finlay as he slides in and the brawl starts outside the ring with JBL throwing punches Finlay sends JBL into the steel steps and rolls him back in the ring and now we have a bell. Finlay drops a seat across the sternum of JBL and goes outside to get some weapons. Finlay slides in and JBL grabs a trash can lid and clocks Finlay across the face then delivers a short-arm clothesline. JBL outside to get the steel ring steps. He tosses it over the top ropes to the inside of the ring. Finlay turns it around grabbing a cookie sheet and clocking JBL and getting a two count. JBL delivers a big boot to Finlay’s head to turn the tide. He follows with punches to Finlay I the corner. Hornswoggle slides in and clocks JBL with a kendo stick to the back and promptly runs out of the ring. That allows Finlay to be able to clock JBL with the shillelagh. JBL has a big welt where the kendo stick caught him on the back. Fans behind Finlay now as he pulls out a table and slides it in to the ring. He props it up in the corner and whips JBL who reverses and sends Finlay back to the original corner, Finlay reverses again and hits JBL with a big short arm lariat. JBL slides outside of the ring to retreat and grabs Hornswoggle and clocks him with a punch. Finlay out after him and rams JBLs head into the announce table about five times. Back inside the ring and JBL slides outs de the other side of the ring. Finlay charges and dives through the ropes to the outside of the ring but gets clocked with a trash can lid in the head mid-dive. JBL drags Finlay back inside the ring and gets a two count. JBL grabs a trashcan and absolutely clocks Finlay in the head. JBL setting up for the clothesline from hell but gets clocked with the trashcan on the rebound. Finlay hits the Rolling Samoan Drop. Two count. He then sends JBL headfirst through the table in the corner and drags him to the center of the ring. Two count for Finlay. JBL up and bounces off the ropes, delivers a Clothesline from Hell. And just like that scores the pinfall for the victory. Your Winner: JBL

John Morrison vs. Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. C.M. Punk vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. M.V.P. vs. Chris Jericho [Money In The Bank Ladder Match] Morrison introduced first, followed by Carlito, and Shelton Benjamin. Fourth we have C.M. Punk to a huge pop. Mr. Kennedy is out fifth with a little sprint to the ring. MVP introduced, then Y2J. All six men start in a ready stance. Bell rings and the ring clears out. They all go to get a ladder. M.V.P. is the only one who stays in the ring. He kicks Morrison as he brings the ladder in the ring and steals his ladder. He knocks Punk off the apron and then Shelton. Y2J gets in the ring with a bigger ladder and has a joust with MVP. He tosses the ladder at him. Morrison slides in and tosses a ladder at Jericho which hits the ladder he is holding. Morrison to the top rope with a small ladder. He does a huge Moonsault to the outside while holding the ladder onto four men. Ladder set up. Kennedy battles Jericho. Jericho catapults Kennedy to the ladder but Kennedy ends up leaping to the top of the ladder. Jericho up after him as Kennedy reaches. Now Morrison flies in to the other side of the ladder and exchanges blows with Kennedy. Shelton sets up a ladder next to theirs and climbs. Kennedy tries a suplex of Morrison. But Shelton jumps from his ladder over onto Kennedy to sunset filp him into a powerbomb, while Kennedy suplexes Morrison! Shelton climbs, Carlito knocks the ladder backward and Shelton actually jumps to the middle of the rope ropes. Shelton pushes the ladder back and leaps onto it but the ladder actually crumbled when Shelton leapt on it and Shelton crashed and burned to the floor awkwardly. Shelton back up and he climbs. Punk grabs him down and hits GTS on Shelton. He tries to climb but Kennedy gets him in a fireman’s carry and rolls forward onto the ladder onto Punk. MVP now tries to climb but first kicks Kennedy, then goes for one on Carlito who moves. He grabs another ladder and chop blocks MVP with it. Shelton charges Carlito now and hits a spinning heel kick. Shelton climbs. And Carlito tilts the ladder forward and Shelton falls straight to the outside of the ring through a propped up ladder flipping forward. Carlito standing over the ropes just staring at the carnage in shock. He and Kennedy then wise up and climb. Y2J then jumps on and MVP topples the ladder over. Morrison in now and climbing. Y2J climbs behind him. Morrison gets to the top and sits on the ladder. Jericho somehow slaps on a Lion Tamer on the top of the ladder. Morrison gets out and falls off. Kennedy puts a ladder next door and climbs. Jericho and Kennedy climb. Punk flies in. Then Carlito flies in onto the other ladder. Punk hits a chokeslam from the top. Jericho shoves Carlito off and he slowly just walks around and pulls Y2J back, then hits a huge BackStabber from the top of the ladder. Everyone is down!! MVP then gets up and climbs. He’s unopposed. Out of nowhere Matt Hardy runs in from the crowd and slides in. He climbs the ladder and punches him, hits a Twist of Fate from the top of the ladder and knocks the ladder down and leaves through the crowd. Everyone in the ring now and Jericho gets a ladder and sticks it in another ladder making a big V. They turn it upside down and a ladder pops up in the middle of the ring. Morrison quickly leaps on it, it looks like it might now hold up. Y2J and Carlito leverage it over and Morrison falls. Ladder set up now and Jericho climbs. Carlito climbs after him and spits apple in his face. Carlito now almost has the case. Kennedy up and grabs for it, nearly has it. Punk clocks him with a ladder. Punk grabs and holds a ladder and turns. Jericho back in and hits a Codebreaker on the ladder onto Punk. WOW! Jericho now climbs a ladder unopposed until Punk gets up and climbs the other side after him. Y2J tries to punch him. Punk manages to connect on some kicks. Punk gets to the near top and reaches. Jericho and Punk on the top and he clocks Punk with the brief case. Punk pulls Jericho’s leg in the ladder rung and he ends up in a tree of woe. Punk quickly climbs and grabs the case while Jericho is tied up and wins the Money In The Bank match by pulling down the case. Your Winner: C.M. Punk

Umaga vs. Batista [Smackdown vs. Raw Battle For Supremacy] Teddy Long and William Regal stand in the ring. Batista is introduced first by his GM Teddy Long. Umaga second introduced by his GM William Regal. Bell rings and the two exchange blows. Umaga shoves Batista down but he gets right back up and Umaga whips Batista to the ropes. Batista shoulder blocks Umaga to the outside of the ring. Umaga gets back in the ring and throws punches then whips Batista to the ropes, telegraphs the back body drop and gets kicked but rebounds with a spinning heel kick on Batista. Batista to the apron and Umaga hits a big kick to the jaw of Batista sending him to the outside. Back inside now and Umaga kicks Batista and gets a two count. Sends him to the ropes and he connects back-first. Umaga applies a nerve hold onto Batista to slow the pace. Umaga finishes it off with a slam. Two count for Umaga. Another Nerve Hold for Umaga wearing Batista down. Another scoop slam and another two count. Umaga grabs Batista by the hand and drags him toward the ropes but Batista stands up and kicks Umaga. Crowd boos. Umaga sends Batista to the ropes . Batista kicks. Umaga catches him and throws the Samoan Spike but Batista blocks it. Batista gets head but Umaga charges a cornered Batista who sidesteps and sends Umaga in to the ring post. Batista calls for the Batista Bomb and barely hits it, falling over on the recoil but still planting Umaga. He leans forward and gets a three count. Your Winner: Batista After the pin Batista looked like he actually hurt his lower back grimacing but still walking off.

Chavo Guerrero [c] vs. Kane [ECW Championship Match] Armando Estrada is in the ring and introduces Chavo Guerrero first. Kane is introduced next. Chavo is in the ring and Kane is behind him, he quickly Chokeslams Chavo and pins him. 10 second match. Your Winner: Kane

Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels [Career Threatening Match] We are being shown a video display of the events leading up to the HBK/Flair match tonight. Backstage Ric Flair is interviewed by Mike Adamle. He asks what Flair’s game plan is. He says…”My game plan?….To be THE MAN…WOOOOOO!” Shawn Michaels introduced first. He gets down on his knees halfway down the aisle in typical HBK fashion. Fireworks go off and he makes his way the rest of the way. Long pause before Flair’s music plays. Flair comes out to a HUGE pop and walks the entire way to the ring. The two circle, Flair right behind Shawn. Flair styles and profiles and then struts. The bell rings and the two lock up. Side headlock for HBK. Shoulderblocks on Flair. We break. Tie up again and Flair applies a hammerlock. HBK reverses. Flair reverses again, HBK reverses again. HBK drop toeholds him down. Quick reverses, HBK gets into another hammerlock. They stand up. Flair with the hammerlock now. HBK with back elbows. HBK to the rope and hip tossed by Flair. We break and Flair struts. Tie up again and HBK backs Flair up into the corner. Flair turns it around and the ref calls a break and HBK shoves him back. Flair chops him and says “Old Yeller Huh?” Shawn slaps him in the face. Flair is bleeding in the mouth. Shawn tells him you can leave now. Ric says. “First blood brother.” Flair on the attack and chops HBK over and over and over. HBK puts Flair in the corner and chops him. Turns it around and more chops. Flair to the corner and kicks HBK as he telegraphs the back body drop. Fast pace. Flair with a back elbow to HBK and then drops the knee on the face. HBK climbs the ropes but Flair catches him and slams him off. Flair to the top now, HBk tries to slam him off but Flair instead hits a flying cross body. HBK with a side headlock, Flair with a knee breaker and goes for the Figure Four but HBK shoves him to the outside and then HBK hits a baseball slide. HBK then hits a huge Assai Moonsault but Flair moves and HBK falls across the announce table harshly ribs first, destroying it. Charles Robinson counts HBK down and he crawls back inside the ring and eight. Ric pulling HBK up and chopping him. Flair sends HBK to the corner and he clocks him. Flair with a back suplex. HBK is moving around very gingerly still. Flair with punches to the heart. Flair then hits a Double Underhook Suplex and a two count. Flair with a delayed Vertical Suplex. Two count for Flair. HBK finally shows some offense and hits a swinging neck breaker, then rolls over Flair instead of pinning him. Flair charges HBK and gets back body dropped from the ring to the outside. HBK now climbs the ropes and CONNECTS WITH A MOONSAULT ONTO FLAIR!! OH MY GOD! All he caught was Flair’s arm in reality so he took the brunt of it himself. Flair and HBK back inside now and they exchange chops. HBK to the ropes and explodes with a forearm and then he nips up and Flair gets up too. HBK with an atomic drop and a scoop slam. HBK falls to the mat and slides outside. He climbs the ropes now and hits a Flying Elbow Drop. HBK now calling for the Superkick. No announcing now per the new WWE instructions during high spots. HBK goes for the kick and couldn’t pull the trigger as he stops mid move. Flair seizes the opportunity and double leg takedown on HBK and he applies the Figure Four. HBK turns the Figure Four over though briefly and the referee calls for the break as Flair gets to the rope. Pinning combination for Flair and HBK. HBK tried to bridge out of the pin but couldn’t do it so he kicks Flair off. Flair tries to pick up HBK he floats over and sunset flips Flair into a pin. Two count only for HBK. HBK whips Flair but reversed and HBK flies up in the corner as he typically does. He lands on his feet and Flair chop blocks him down. Flair goes for a Figure Four but HBK small packages him. Flair kicks out at two. Flair goes right back to the well and applies another Figure Four. Shawn is pained!!!…..Referee counts…1…..2…Shoulders up! Flair is pulling HBK to the center. MICHAELS STRUGGLING!….He turns it over, Flair rolls it through! Still in the hold and HBK finally reaches backward and gets the rope for the break. Flair backs up turns and walks right into a sudden Sweet Chin Music!!! Both men down! HBK rolls over lays across the arm and Flair kicks out at 2 and a half! Fans erupt! Shawn now to his feet in the corner and he is calling for Sweet Chin Music once more. He taunts Flair to get up. He goes back to the corner and calls for it again. Flair slowly getting to a vertical base. Shawn stops and walks toward him yelling to get up. HBK goes and picks him up and Flair low blows him, referee doesn’t see. Flair rolls over covers Shawn. 1…2…NO! Shoulder up. SHAWN APPLIES AN INVERTED FIGURE FOUR! Flair tries to get to the rope and finally does. Flair accidentally pulls off the bottom turnbuckle. Flair cradles HBK and gets only two. Both men on their knees and exchanging chops. Now to their feet and exchanging more chops. HBK out of nowhere hits a Super Kick!. Both men matted. Shawn now has a look of desperation like he doesn’t want to do this. Shawn gets to the corner and readies the Super Kick. He looks down sadly as Flair gets up and Flair tells him to do it. Shawn says I’m sorry and hits the Superkick, then covers Flair.1…2….3. He immediately grabs Flair’s head in consolation, and then slides out of the ring. Flair immediately starts to sob. Your Winner: Shawn Michaels HBK walks out to his music and leaves. His music stops and Flair sits up in tears, sobbing. The fans give him a standing ovation as he stands in the middle of the ring and absorbs it. He blows a kiss to everyone to say thank you and slides out of the ring. He goes right to his family in the front row and kisses each one of them. He walks up the aisle choking back tears and smiling taking his final bows as he slowly walks up the ramp for the last time. He’s got a calm feeling about him as he exits, a very real feeling. It’s only fitting the aisle the he leaves is as long as it is so Flair can command a longer standing ovation. Before he goes back stage he turns around one last time and puts his arms up and blows a kiss, then leaves.

Ashley & Maria vs. Beth Phoenix and Melina [Playboy Bunny Mania Lumberjack Match] The lumberjacks or lumberjills as it were come out to the ramp. Snoop Dog is then introduced as the Master of Ceremonies. He gets in his Snoop Mobile and rides it down to the ring leading the lumberjacks. Snoop gets in the ring and tells everyone to give Ric Flair a big WOOOOOO! He then starts to introduce Ashley and Maria. Snoop Dog introduces Beth Phoenix and Melina next and they come out with Santino Marella, complete with a feather boa. All four women are in the ring now. Ashley starts with Beth who snuffs Ashley. Ashley comes back with elbows. Ashley hits a hurricanrada into a pin but Beth pushes her off. Maria tagged in and she elbows Beth. Melina sent outside and the lumber jacks send her back in. Jim Ross announces that the Lumber JACKS (Stressing jacks, and drawing a giggle from Lawler) are there to assist in throwing the competitors back in the ring. Melina in now and Ashley is as well, she hurricanradas Melina and then sends her to the ropes. Ashley hits a face buster on Melina. Ashley sent outside and the heel divas send her back in. Melina catapults Ashley into the arms of Beth Phoenix. Beth drops Ashley and then Melina hits a Moonsault onto Ashley off of Beth Phoenix shoulders. Two count for Melina. Maria tagged in and so is Beth Phoenix. The lights just went out in the ring but the match is continuing. We get a spotlight on the ring now, looks like we have technical difficulties. The match never stops. Maria hits a flying cross body. Phoenix now hoists up Maria in a double arm chicken wing. Maria counters out into a bulldog and gets a two count. Ashley flies off the apron to the outside of the ring onto the lumberjacks. Maria leaps off the ropes and elbows Phoenix. Maria for the pin and Santino yanks him off. Lawler gets up from the announce position and walks over and clocks Santino. Inside the ring though Beth Phoenix hits a delayed Fisherman’s suplex and plants Maria for the pinfall and the victory. Your Winners: Beth Phoenix and Melina After the match Snoop Dog gets in the ring as Santino is celebrating. He clotheslines down Santino and then kisses Maria in the ring. He leaves with Ashley and Maria. .

Randy Orton [c] vs. John Cena vs. Triple H [WWE Championship Match] The color guard lines the entranceway playing My Country Tis of Thee. Then they play Cena’s entrance music. Triple H introduced next. Orton, the champ, is introduced last. We have the standard in-ring introductions. Cena gets a mixed response. Triple H gets all cheers. Orton gets all boos. The belt is raised, we have a bell and here we go. Orton quickly takes the belt from the ref and clocks HHH. Cena battles back by bulldogging Orton. Triple H up and sends Cena outside, then he sends Orton outside and goes out after him. HHH ramming Orton’s head on the ECW announce table and then a barrage of punches to follow. Back inside the ring Triple H has a sleeper on Orton. Cena in and he picks up both men in a fireman’s carry but Triple H hops off and low blows him. Orton then hits an inverted atomic drop on HHH and gets a two count. He unleashes punches on HHH. Orton stomping both fallen men now. Orton with a knee drop to the face of HHH. Two count. Slow pace. Orton climbs the ropes and Cena pops up and punches Orton while on the ropes. Cena climbs with him and readies a superplex. HHH now gets Cena on his shoulders. Orton flies and cross body connects! Rolls through, two count. Cena rolls through and hangs onto Cena in a fall away slam-like position, stands up and puts Orton on his shoulders for an FU but HHH kicks Cena. Orton clotheslines HHH and Cena clotheslines Orton. Orton somehow gets both Cena and HHH on the middle ropes ready for a double ddt, he delays, then drops them to the mat. He pins Cena..1…2.. kickout…pins HHH…1…2…kick out. Orton on the mat now waiting to strike whoever gets to their feet first. Cena up first. Orton goes for an RKO. Cena shoves him off and onto Triple H who is on the mat. Cena quickly gets to the top rope and hits a Tennessee Jam on Orton. Cena tries for the STFU but Orton gets out of the ring quickly. Cena chasing Orton around the ring outside until Orton sends Cena into the ringpost. Triple H now inside the ring and working on the leg of Orton. Cena flies back inside the ring and is clothesline by Triple H. Orton out of nowhere hits an RKO on Triple H. HHH falls outside of the ring. Cena and Orton down now. Cena now applies an STFU and Orton crawls to the ropes. Triple H makes sure Orton doesn’t tap by clocking Cena, pulling him outside the ring and then sending him into the steel steps. Triple H applies a leglock. Cena gets in the ring to break it up. Cena sends Triple H to the corner and he flies over the turnbuckle to the outside. Cena applies the STFU on Orton again in the middle of the ring. Triple H gets in now and pulls Cena’s arm off of Orton then applies a Crippler Crossface on Cena. Orton rolls away as Cena relinquishes his grip on him. Cena gets to the ropes slowly and then grabs it finally. HHH and Cena exchange punches as the fans Boo Cena with his punches and Yay HHH with his punches. Cena off the ropes after about 6 exchanged blows and he hits the spinning powerbomb on Triple H. He calls for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, and hits. Triple H is spaghetti legged and up. Cena tries an FU, Triple H counters into a Pedigree. Cena wit ha double leg takedown and Triple H kicks him off. Triple H hits a knee to the face and a clothesline. Cena misses a clothesline and then gets Spine Blustered. Triple H flexes and calls for Cena to get up. Orton gets into the ring. Triple H chop blocks him. Cena goes for an FU on Triple H who gets out and turns it into a Pedigree and hits. Triple H rolls over and lays over Cena for the pin…1…2….Orton quickly runs in and kicks Triple H in the side of the head knocking him out. Orton pins Cena..1…2….3. Your Winner: Randy Orton

Big Show vs. Floyd “Money” Mayweather Big Show is introduced first. Little bit of a pause before Mayweather’s music plays. Money starts falling on the crowd. Mayweather makes his way to the ring with his entourage. Mayweather enters the ring by leaping over the top rope. Fairly long introduction. Referee in the center of the ring, he sends Mayweather manager outside of the ring. The two size up and stare down. They go back to their corners and we have a bell. They circle the ring. Big Show tries to grapple but Mayweather ducks it. Same thing again. Big Show swipes at him but he gets away. Floyd cornered and Big Show with a grapple but Floyd ducks and gets n a bunch of body shots on Show and gets away. He steps in and lands a right to the jaw of Show. Mayweather hits another and misses the left. Show misses a shot and Floyd lands another one. He goes back to his corner and gets wiped down and drinks from a chalice. Big Show charges one of Floyds handlers and violently knocks him to the mat. Show rips his shirt off and chops him in the corner then he crawls out. Mayweather watches it happen. Mayweather went for a punch but Show caught his fist and brings it to the mat and tries to stomp his hand but Mayweather gets free. They are to their feet. Mayweather cornered he tries to duck under Show but gets caught. Show has Mayweather on the corner rope choked. Mayweather throws desperation punches. Then hops on Show’s back and chokes him. Show tries to fling Mayweather off him over the ropes to the floor. Show fading and drops to a knee. Fans booing. Show on a knee and then gets back to his feet. Mayweather slips off. Show catches him and takes his hand out and stomps it. Mayweather crawls to the corner. His entourage on the apron. Big Show grabs Mayweather and puts him in the corner. Show tells everyone to SHHHHH and he chops Mayweather. Show steps on Floyd now with all his weight right in front of his entourage. Floyd’s handler keeps saying Show can’t do that. Mayweather gets up and kicks Show. Big Show picks up Floyd and Sidewalk Slams him down. Show then stands on Floyd’s abdominals full weight. Show in the opposite corner and he Headbutts Mayweather. Show drops an elbow across Mayweather. Fans are calling for a splash but Team Mayweather pulls Floyd out of the ring and they say that they are out. They take Mayweather and start taking him up the aisle. Show runs out after him and barrels through the bodyguards until he gets to Mayweather. Show has him in a front face lock and clocks him in the back. Show with punches to Mayweather followed by a knee. Back inside the ring now and Show slaps on the Choke and one of Floyd’s handlers gets in and gets knocked out. Show picks up Floyd for a choke, and one of Floyd’s guys clocks Show with a chair. It does nothing. Show Chokeslams the handler. Mayweather gets the chair and clocks Show in the ribs, and then across the back. He goes to hit him in the head and Show catches it and calls for a Chokeslam but Mayweather connects on a low blow. Mayweather hits Show with the chair twice then a third time. Show is weakened. Mayweather takes his glove off and gets brass knuckles. He delivers a huge right hand d to Show and he is knocked out. Referee starts to count. He gets to 6, show is on the bottom rope. Referee gets to ten and show does not get up. That’s it. Your Winner: Floyd Mayweather.

Edge [c] vs. Undertaker [World Championship Match] Undertaker makes his long and slow walk to the ring first. Edge is introduced next. He calls out Teddy Long who wheels out Vickie Guerrero. She kisses him good luck and he makes his way down the aisle. Undertaker has not moved an inch since entering the ring with his eyes locked on Edge. No in ring introductions for this contest. Referee holds up the belt, hands it to the timekeeper and calls for the bell. Taker gives the reset in peace sign. And Edge goes right at Taker with punches. Taker whips Edge to the corner, recoils off and Taker clotheslines Edge down. Then he clotheslines Edge over the rope to the outside. Back inside they go quickly. Taker sends Edge to the corner and charges but Edge gets up a big boot. Taker to the ropes and he hits a flying clothesline and a two count. Taker with an arm wringer and now climbs the ropes and attempts Old School. Edge whips him off but Taker hangs on and whips Edge across the ring. Taker with punches on Edge in the corner and a blatant throat choke. Referee calls for the break. Taker revs up and charges, connecting with a high knee to the face. Taker up and over the ropes to the outside. Taker back on the apron now and Edge spears him off to the outside floor. Edge and Taker on the apron now, Edge hits a swinging neck breaker across the ropes onto Taker, sending him back down to the outside floor. Back inside, Edge charges Taker and Spears him in the corner. Undertaker and Edge exchanging blows now. Two count for Edge. Standing drop kick by Edge. Edge goes to the top rope. Taker shoves him off to the outside floor, crashing down back first. Taker goes rope to rope and flies over the top rope, soaring onto Edge outside the ring. Taker sends Edge back inside now face up, with his head protruding from the apron. Taker with an elbow and then climbs the apron and drops the legdrop across the sternum of Edge. Taker for a pin but Edge kicks out at two. Taker now sets up a Last Ride but cannot get Edge up. Taker bounces off of the ropes and Edge gets a big boot up connecting with Taker’s face. Two count for Edge. Edge side suplexes Undertaker over the fan barricade to the floor in the crowd. Edge now drags Taker back over and sends him back inside the ring. Referee counts the pin only to two. Edge applies a leg lock on Taker to slow the pace now. Taker rolls backward to counter and tries a pin, but only gets two. Edge back to the leglock on Taker. Taker with a fist to Edge, favor returned by Edge. They go back and forth a few times. Edge’s punches yielding BOOs. Taker’s commanding YAYs from the crowd. Taker now with a head butt and sends Edge to the corner and Taker splashes Edge. Taker rears back and hits another. Taker hoists him up and hits Snake Eyes on Edge, then goes to the ropes but Edge hits a dropkick to counter the rush. Taker slaps on a Choke, tries a Chokeslam but countered into a DDT by Edge. He hooks the leg and Edge gets a two count. Edge calls for a Spear and charges. Taker meets Edge with a boot and then follows with a Chokeslam! 1-2-NO! Taker now goes for Old School and Edge trips him up so he falls across the top ropes in a straddle. Edge climbs the ropes after him and sets up a Superplex and hits! Edge crawls and hooks the leg…1-2-NO! Taker kicks out. Edge is furious. Taker in the corner, Edge climbs. Taker reverses into a Last Ride but Edge counters and slips free then hits a rear neck breaker. Edge to the ropes and Taker clocks him then sets up a Last Ride and he connects! Taker pins him and 1-2-NO! Taker calls for the Tombstone now and picks up Edge. He hoists up Edge who slips over the shoulder and hits an inverted face plant and follows with a two count. Edge whipped to the ropes and Taker big boots him to the face. Taker tries Old School again, and this time he hits it. Taker to the ropes and goes for a big boot, Edge ducks and Taker hits the referee. Edge hits an implant DDT on Taker while the referee is out cold. Edge stands over Taker taunting him and Taker reaches up and grabs his throat. Edge quickly counters with a kick to the groin. Edge goes outside and takes a camera away from a cameraman and clocks Taker with it. Edge now calls for a finish. He tries a Tombstone but Taker counters into a Tombstone of his own and connects! He crosses Edge’s hands and pins him. Charles Robinson is speeding down the long ramp at top speed and counts two and a half! Here come Hawkins and Ryder now and Taker Chokeslams one on the other on the outside of the ring. Taker turns around and gets Speared by Edge. 1-2…..KICK OUT at two and a half! Fans go nuts! Edge sets up for a Spear and hits it again! Edge doesn’t get up quick enough and Taker suddenly turns it into an armbar. Edge refusing to tap, he holds on and finally he TAPS!! EDGE TAPS! WE HAVE A NEW WORLD CHAMPION! HE IS 16-0 at WRESTLEMANIA! Your Winner: The Undertaker