WWE RAW Results (11/23/2015): Nashville, Tennessee

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State of Mex-America Address

The broadcast team hyped the State of Mex-America Address featuring Zeb Colter and Alberto Del Rio for after the break… [C]

When we return from the break, Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter made their entrance. Colter parked his scooter in front of the broadcast table and delivered his promo from there. He said Del Rio’s loss doesn’t mean Mex-America is in trouble because a lot of new nations have growing pains. Colter said the people took to social media and became haters over Mex-America. Del Rio spoke in Spanish. Zeb said the borders of Mex-America are closed.

Jack Swagger made his entrance and got a USA chant. Swagger stood on the stage and said he can’t believe what he’s hearing. He said Colter used to put his hand over his heart and stand for something. He said he and people looked up to that.

[Q8] Swagger said Colter is turning his back on his people. Del Rio told him not to talk to Colter like that and refereed to Swagger as a stupid American. The moron fans actually chanted USA again. Wow. Swagger said he promised to defend the country against all enemies both foreign and domestic, and said Del Rio should do something about it if he doesn’t like what he’s saying.

Swagger headed to the ring and had a staredown with Del Rio, who then backed out of the ring and left with Colter. Swagger stopped Colter and then had the fans join him in saying We The People… Cole hyped Charlotte vs. Paige… [C]

WWE Divas Championship
Charlotte (c) vs. Paige

[Q9] We head back to the ring as a WWE Survivor Series title rematch is next up on RAW with Charlotte once again defending against Paige. Ring entrances for the Divas Championship match took place and then Lilian Garcia delivered the formal in-ring introductions.

Charlotte performed an early Flair strut. Paige gained offensive control and worked over Charlotte by suplexing her legs onto the ropes and targeting her knee. Paige performed the suplex into the ropes again. Charlotte fired back with elbows and tackled Paige, who rolled her over and punched her.

Saxton said this isn’t about winning the championship, it’s about hurting Charlotte. Cole and JBL quickly shut him down and said it is about winning the title. Paige continued to wrench on Charlotte’s knee and then applied a chin lock. Both women threw simultaneous kicks and were down heading into the break. [C]

After the break, Charlotte speared Paige and both women tumbled to the floor. Charlotte tried to get back inside the ring, but Paige grabbed her and shoved her into the barricade. They were both counted out. Afterward, Paige whipped Charlotte into the ring steps and then put her on the broadcast team’s table and applied the PTO.

Charlotte and Paige fought to a double count-out in 15:00

Ryback Takes Out The One Man Band

Heath Slater stood in the ring with a mic on a mic stand and his guitar. Slater said there’s way too much country going around these parts. He said the one man band brought a little rock-n-roll with him so they could hear what good music sounds like it. He ran through some of the modern country names and said he wasn’t talking about them or even Johnny Cash.

Just as Slater was about to perform, Ryback made his entrance. Cole said he heard Ryback is a Luke Bryant fan. Slater ended up smashing his guitar over Ryback’s back. Ryback didn’t flinch. Take that Jeff Jarrett! Ryback destroyed Slater and finished him off with Shellshocked.

Dean Ambrose & Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens & Tyler Breeze

Cole hyped Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens and Tyler Breeze next up on Monday Night Raw.

Dolph toned down his ode to HBK and Motley Crue look from the night before and wrestled in his t-shirt for some reason. Breeze blasted Ziggler with a great kick to the head, then Owens tagged in.

[Q11] Ziggler caught Owens with a dropkick and eventually made a diving tag. Ambrose worked over Breeze and clotheslined him to the floor, then followed up with a suicide dive. Owens took a shot at Ambrose, but Ziggler superkicked him to the floor. At ringside, Owens sent Ziggler into the barricade. Inside the ring, Ambrose came back with Dirty Deeds on Breeze for the win. Owens was shown watching the pin from ringside rather than attempting to break up the pin.

Winners: Dean Ambrose & Dolph Ziggler

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev (with Sheamus)

The still shots of Sheamus winning the title at Survivor Series were shown… The broadcast team hyped Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns in a TLC match for TLC as some seizure inducing graphic was shown…

The Rusev and Sheamus ring entrances for the main event took place. They showed a tweet from Notre Dame’s football coach Brian Kelly congratulating Sheamus on his title win. Cole said Sheamus would be on SportsCenter with bastion of pro wrestling journalism excellence Jonathan Coachman on Tuesday…

[Q12] [C] Roman Reigns made his entrance through the crowd. Sheamus sat next to the broadcast team at ringside and jawed with Reigns heading into the break. [C] Rusev worked over the back of Reigns as Sheamus applauded from ringside.

[Overrun] Reigns threw punches at Rusev, who cut him off. Rusev was running the ropes when Sheamus tried to trip Reigns, allowing Rusev to regain control. The referee ejected Sheamus from ringside. You know, because the referee doesn’t answer to The Authority or something.

Reigns threw ten clotheslines in the corner, but Rusev came right back with a spinning heel kick for a two count. They ended up fighting on the ropes, but Rusev knocked Reigns down and then performed a top rope headbutt that resulted in another two count. Rusev went for the Accolade, but Reigns fought free. Rusev stomped him a few times. Rusev to the corner and set up to charge Reigns and ran right into a Superman Punch. Reigns got a two count.

They went to ringside and Reigns ran into a kick from Rusev. Reigns came back with a Superman Punch that knocked Rusev off the ring apron. Reigns ran to ringside and performed a running kick on Rusev. King Barrett showed up and attacked Rusev at ringside for the DQ.

Winner via Disqualification: Roman Reigns

After The Match:

After the match, Reigns fought off Barrett, but Rusev recovered and hit Reigns, who quickly got the better of him and then slammed a chair over his back repeatedly. Sheamus ran out to help, but he also took a chair shot. Reigns and his new best friend the chair stood tall while there was no sign or mention of Dean Ambrose.

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