WWE NXT Results (1/24): Ember Moon & Shayna Baszler Face To Face, Gargano vs Dream, Who’s Going To TakeOver?

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Welcome to exclusive live coverage of WWE NXT! This is the go home show to what should be an amazing NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia. The show starts at 8/7C. Tonight’s NXT preview can be seen here, which features a match with NXT Championship implications that Triple H has labeled “must see”!

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WWE NXT Results
January 24th, 2018
Report By Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com


We start the show with the Velveteen Dream, who is talking about his rise versus the rise of Johnny Gargano. He says that no matter how the pieces fall, Gargano’s dream is over. Dream also says that while he doesn’t doubt the ability Gargano has, the choice is clear, and it’s The Velveteen Dream.


No Way Jose starts the match with a side headlock, but is quickly removed and taken down by Bononi. Bononi gets up and runs towards Jose, and this time Jose turns it into an inverted atomic drop. No Way Jose gets a rear chin lock, but Bononi is able to get him off and toss Jose down to the mat hair first.

Bononi locks in a sleeper, grounding Jose, but Jose quickly works his way out and delivers a swinging neck breaker to Bononi. Bononi gets up but is met with several strikes by No Way Jose, sending Bononi to the mat. Bononi tries to bounce off the ropes to gain leverage, but Jose turns that into a powerslam. Bononi struggles to his feet and is met with a big right hand by Jose to pick up the victory.

Winner: No Way Jose


Bianca Bel Air was recently seen in the Mae Young Classic, and she shows her dominance to start, backing Latoya into the corner as the crowd chants “Let’s go jobber!” Bel Air hits Latoya with multiple kicks to the midsection and then starts ramming her shoulder into Latoya’s midsection.

Bel Air tosses Latoya off the rope and Latoya tries to catch Bel Air with a head scissors but Bel Air is too strong and doesn’t go down and instead turns it back into big back breaker. Latoya staggers to her feet and is met with a BIG forearm, sending Latoya to the mat. Latoya makes her way to her feet again and Bianca Bel Air hits her with an alley oop powerbomb to pick up the victory.

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Winner: Bianca Bel Air


Percy Watson is in a sit down interview with both Shayna Baszler and Ember Moon and the tension is thick. Watson asks Moon why she challenged Baszler and Moon tells Watson that Baszler is a coward who attacks people from behind, and she needs to think twice before doing that in HER NXT.

Baszler says that she doesn’t any of the girls she took out. She said she is trying to catch the big fish, and that is Ember Moon.

Ember says that she knows exactly what she was trying to do, but the women in NXT live by a code of skill, honor, and heart. She says that if she ever becomes NXT Women’s Champion, she might get a small glimpse of what that means, but it will not happen at TakeOver: Philadelphia.

Baszler says that she doesn’t care what the NXT Universe thinks of her, and when Ember Moon wakes up after their match at NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia, Baszler is going to be the one walking away with her title and her dreams.

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