WWE House Show Results (3/24/13) – Baltimore, MD

January 3, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

Results by: Nick Greif, rajah.com reader

Smackdown house show results from Baltimore MD. 3/24/13

* R Truth and The Great Khali defeat The Epicos. Khali gets pinfall over one
of the Epicos with a chop.

* Natalie defeats Aksana with sharpshooter.

* Yoshi Tatsu and Mcgillicutty battle for about ten minutes. Mcgillicutty
misses a spear and lands outside the ring. FANDANGO’s music starts up and he
appears. Before Tatsu can even attempt to pronounce his name Fandango
assaults him.

* Bo Dallas calls out Barrett in a backstage promo.

* Jack Swagger gets the win over Justin Gabriel with the Patriot Act. Long
Promo beforehand. Post match Swagger goes back into ring and reapplies
Patriot Act and Del Rio comes in to make the save.

* Kane wins over mark Henry via dq when Henry Hit Kane with a chair.

* Wade Barrett defeats Bo Dallas With the souvenir or the bullhammer or
whatever he is calling it these days. Though, it was just a straight elbow to
Dallas as he was coming off the rope and not the typical windup. The IC title
was on the line.

* The Usos defeat The Rhode Schoolars. One of the Uso’s, I’ll call him non
dui Uso gets the win with a small package roll up on Cody Rhodes.

* Alberto Del Rio successfully defends the world heavyweight title against
the Big Show in a no dq match that was voted on earlier in the night by the

Notes: The injury suffered by Mark Henry as previously reported from the live
event in Norfolk last night must have been minor. There were no bandages or
anything of the sort on Henry’s leg and he wrestled fine.
With that said, there was a brace on Del Rio’s left leg that I have never
seen him wear. It was similar to what Stone Cold used to wear. I’ll try to
upload a picture shortly.

Loud “You can’t wrestle” chants directed at Aksana. Kane received the
biggest pop. Fandango has charisma written all over him. Future star. Thought
he might actually wrestle due to the depleted roster with injuries and for
the fact that Raw was doing a house show two hours away. Wishful thinking I

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