WWE Heat Report (05/11/08) Taped in Toronto, Ontario

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WWE Heat Report: 11th May 2008
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Commentators: Todd Grisham & Josh Mathews
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia

Welcome aboard. Heat starts with highlights of William Regal’s recent ‘abuse’ of power. Reacting badly to the acts of disrespect towards him, Regal switches the lights out on Triple H and Randy Orton on Raw two weeks ago. I’m a fan of this push that Regal is getting. Hopefully it leads to a title run for him in the not too distant future. Onto this week’s helping of Heat. Three matches to get our teeth into. Today’s show has a tag team theme. We begin with…

Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Super Crazy vs Charlie Haas & Robbie McAllister
Hacksaw swaps the American flag for a Canadian one on his way out. Neither Grisham or Josh bring up Hacksaw’s history as a pro-Canadian in WCW. Crazy looks more pumped up than usual this week, as he runs around the ring with Hacksaw’s Canadian flag. They’re far from the Hart Foundation but the crowd love them. Haas and Robbie come out together. Josh says they hold the advantage as they’re recognised tag team wrestlers. Grisham brings up the unwanted fact that all these men lost on TV last week. Great selling point for a match….not. No USA chant from Hacksaw this week. Just plenty of Hooooooos. Hacksaw and Robbie tussle to a stalemate. Robbie lands some shots before choking Hacksaw in the middle rope with his hands. Hacksaw reverses Robbie off the ropes. Hacksaw lands a hiptoss and two clotheslines. Hacksaw says he’s got Robbie. Robbie knees the gut. Spoke too soon there Hacksaw. Haas tags in but runs into a hiptoss. Hacksaw drives elbows into Haas’ arm then tags in Crazy. Crazy comes off the top rope with a double axehandle to Haas. Crazy keeps ahold of the arm as he steps off the top rope and throws Haas to the mat. Crazy monkey flips Haas out of the corner. Crazy charges again, Haas goes to backdrop him out, but Crazy displays an extended headstand in the corner, before scampering out to the ring apron. Crazy sends Haas away with a head shot to the gut. Haas manages to avoid a top rope cross body as Crazy crashes and burns. Haas and Robbie work over Crazy’s ribs with some shots. Robbie delivers a gutbuster for a nearfall before landing a slam. Haas comes back in over the top rope with a rolling senton. Grisham announces Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels for Judgment Day. Nice. Back to the match in hand, Crazy fights back with forearms to Haas. Haas reverses an Irish whip. Haas hits a battering ram, running boot and belly-to-belly suplex in quick succession for a nearfall. Nice sequence from Haas. Robbie traps the back of Crazy’s head in a tight two-handed grip. Haas kicks Crazy’s gut some more before applying a dragon sleeper. Crazy stays alive, using a quick flurry of forearms to get free. Haas counters Crazy’s wheelbarrow front bulldog attempt by catching him mid-air in a full nelson. Crazy gets to his feet to forearm free then stun Haas with an enziguiri kick. Both men manage to tag out. Hacksaw punches down both opponents. Hacksaw ducks a Robbie lunge before catching him with a twirling slam. Haas breaks up a cover at two with a double axehandle. Crazy punches Haas to the outside. Crazy takes Haas out of the equation with an asai moonsault. Back inside, Robbie drives his head into Hacksaw’s gut but runs into a backbodydrop. Hacksaw hits the three point stance clothesline and covers for the 1-2-3. Pretty good. The action was at its best when Haas and Crazy were in. Crazy had his best showing in a while. That being said, Hacksaw and Robbie held up their end as well. Here Are Your Winners: HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN & SUPER CRAZY. Post match, Hacksaw and Crazy embrace, shake hands then leave, with Crazy handing Hacksaw his 2×4.

Snitsky vs Phil Atlas
Atlas (who is no relation to Tony Atlas) gets a good reaction as the hometown jobber. Snitsky boots the gut, clubs the back, shoves Atlas to the corner then drills him with a backelbow. Snitsky rages up. Snitsky Irish whips, Atlas floats over a charge and gets in some kicks to the back of Snitsky’s legs. Atlas lands some punches but can’t whip Snitsky into the ropes. Instead, Snitsky reels Atlas in for a big clothesline. An intense Snitsky drops three quick elbows, then rages up again. Snitsky traps Atlas in a long double underhook wrench with some high kneelifts thrown in. Snitsky throws Atlas face first into the corner. Atlas gets his feet up on a charge. Atlas leaps off the second rope right into Snitsky’s big boot. Snitsky rages up for a third time before finishing Atlas off with a pumphandle slam. 1-2-3. Nice intensity shown by Snitsky with Atlas bumping well for him. Here is Your Winner: SNITSKY. Post match, Snitsky snarls his way around the ring before looking down at the fallen Atlas.

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs Paul London & Brian Kendrick
Main Event time. Josh praises Murdoch’s country sing-alongs. They are pretty good. Londrick come out as the camera focuses on a guy’s sign saying he came to see London and Kendrick. The man has good taste. Cade and Kendrick tussle to the corner a couple of times. Cade shoves, so Kendrick retaliates with a slap to the face, then a dropkick and side headlock takedown. Cade sends Kendrick into the heel corner and tags Murdoch. Kendrick cleverly nips outside and gets back in close to his corner to avoid a double team. Murdoch knees the gut, clubs the back, sends Kendrick off the ropes. Kendrick telegraphs a backbodydrop attempt with a boot to the head followed by a dropkick. Kendrick grabs an arm, London tags in and comes off the top rope with a mushroom stomp to Murdoch’s arm. London kicks the arm and delivers an armwringer. Murdoch hooks the hair before Irish whipping. London floats out to the apron, drives his head into Murdoch’s gut then hits a springboard spear for a nearfall. Innovative move there. Murdoch grabs an arm, knees the gut and attempts a slam, but London slips behind and delivers a headscissors takedown. London gets distracted by Cade stepping in and runs him off. London turns into a Murdoch forearm. Cade tags in, but Kendrick thwarts a double suplex attempt by pulling London down. London then propels Kendrick over himself, allowing Kendrick to land kicks to both heels, who roll to the outside. Londrick hit stereo suicide dives as we cut away for a Smackdown/ECW UK tour shill in November. Back from the break and Cade is working over London in the corner with kicks. Cade whips Murdoch, who hits a running kick to the seated London, still in the corner. Murdoch pulls London from the corner and covers him for a nearfall. Murdoch applies a sleeper. London starts to punch so Murdoch throws him down by the hair. Cade tags and drops an elbow across London’s chest as Murdoch holds London’s leg. Cade gets a nearfall then applies a wrenching head vice. Cade rubs his forearm across London’s face during the move. Cade switches to a chinlock as Kendrick and the crowd rally behind London. London uses punches and a jawbreaker to escape. Both men make a tag. Kendrick hits Murdoch with a leaping dropkick on his way in. Kendrick hits Murdoch some more, with two flying forearms, a dropkick, heel kick and enziguiri kick. Cade breaks up the cover at two with a boot. Cade tags back in. Kendrick hits Cade with forearms and kicks to the leg, before Cade catches Kendrick with a sitdown spinebuster. Cade delays before covering and London saves his partner, just in the nick of time. Cade kicks and punches Kendrick in the head. Cade goes for a slam but Kendrick slips behind and tags out. London hits Cade with a springboard dropkick from the top rope. Cover 1-2-no. Cade reverses London off the ropes. London ducks a backhanded lunge but gets caught with a high backbodydrop. Murdoch screams at Cade to tag. Cade obliges, but out of nowhere, London hooks Murdoch with a rollup. 1-2-3. Cade is barely back on the apron and is in disbelief, as Murdoch pounds the mat. Londrick quickly get out of dodge. Good matchup. Better than the three minute rushjobs they’ve been having together on Raw lately. Here Are Your Winners: PAUL LONDON & BRIAN KENDRICK. Post match, Londrick embrace on the outside then head to the back. Back inside, Murdoch states his case to a hacked off Cade. They jawjack before Cade leaves by himself. Murdoch screams after Cade, asking him, what does he have to do? Cade yells back saying we have to win as Murdoch thumps the mat in frustration once again.

Grisham thanks us for watching to end the show.

Best match: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs Paul London & Brian Kendrick.
Worst match: Snitsky vs Phil Atlas.
Show verdict: Thumbs up. I enjoyed the tag matches and the Snitsky match wasn’t too long in the tooth either.

I’ll be back next Sunday for another edition of Heat along with my picks for Judgment Day. Until then, take care, have a good one and I’ll see you next week. Shaun.

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