US and NATO Economic and Military Provocations Push Putin to Expand Arsenal

October 9, 2020 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

Amid increasing military and economic provocations from the West, the Russian government has made it clear that such escalations will not go unmatched.

On Wednesday, European Union members states agreed to extend economic sanctions against the Kremlin for another six months until the end of January.

“Representatives of the 28 governments agreed on Wednesday in Brussels to prolong the trade and investment curbs, two EU officials said on condition of anonymity under EU media rules,” Bloomberg reports. “Final confirmation of the move is due June 22, they said.”

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The sanctions “bar financing for major Russian banks, ban the export of sophisticated energy-exploration equipment, and prohibit the sale of weapons and some civilian goods with military uses.”

The punishing sanctions were imposed by the United States and EU to reprimand Russia for its alleged interference in Ukraine. The extension was announced against a backdrop of a seemingly reinvigorated arms race between the Cold War powers.


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