Update On Sin Cara’s Rocky Start In WWE

January 14, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

Sin Cara’s first few months in WWE have been rockier than expected, with WWE officials being dissatisfied thus far with the Mexican wrestling star’s in-ring work, namely, his ability to wrestle the “WWE style.” A number of measures have been to protect Sin Cara reputation, including moving him to SmackDown (a taped show, where botched moves can be edited out easier) and the recent signing of one of Sin Cara’s greatest rivals from Mexico, Averno.

As the first superstar signed to WWE under Triple H’s overhauled talent development division, many believe that he’s been cut more slack that most would get because he is Triple H’s pet project. Cara is said to be frustrated with having to learn a new style of wrestling, but is grateful that he is considered ‘protected’ for the time being.

Sin Cara and Chavo Guerrero had a lousy match at Over The Limit, and Chavo is the one who took all the heat for being unable to carry Cara.

* VIDEO of Sin Cara & Averno Wrestling Earlier This Year In Japan

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)