Ultimate Warrior Talks About Steroids, His Training Program, Self Discipline & More

February 3, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

Source: UltimateWarriorTV.com

The Ultimate Warrior is back with another video titled, “Warrior Sets the Record Staight”. The man from Parts Unknown talks about his upcoming return, his previous use of illegal performance enhancing drugs, his love for bodybuilding and more. There’s also some new high-definition footage of Warrior in the gym and he appears to be getting bigger by the week. Here’s a recap:

— People who think he’s not taking return seriously are in for a rude awakening.

— Warrior asks, “How can I be so ripped at almost 50 years old?” He states that he has not taken illegal performance enhancing drugs since they were banned in 1991. He atttributes his incredible physical stature to many years of intense training, self discipline and takinhg care of himself. Even though he has not portrayed the Ultimate Warrior character in 10 years, he never gave up his love for training. He looks around at his peers and says its horrible how these guys let themselves go and abuse their bodies.

— Warrior talks about his workout routine, saying he’s tried many different approaches over the years. Some guys like to work out their chest and full-body workout and does not cut corners. He likes to focus on high-repitition sets (15-20 reps) and sometimes warms up with a 30-repetition set.

— Warrior believes physical exercise is one of the keys to health and happiness. He talks about being inspired by the great American heroes and stories.

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