Triple H Talks Not Having A Match At WWE WrestleMania 36 & Praises Current Talent


Triple H recently spoke with ESPN where he gave his thoughts on the upcoming WWE WrestleMania 36 PPV this weekend and not having a match on the show.

The Game actually admitted that he is happy about not having a match this year with everything that he has had to deal with during the current situation.

“Right now, I am full-time office. I wasn’t originally scheduled to be in this year’s WrestleMania anyways, every year as time goes by, it gets more and more hectic for me and getting in the ring becomes an added burden. Especially this year, with the way things all turned out and what we had to accomplish, I was very thankful that I wasn’t scheduled to be in the ring this year. It would have been almost virtually impossible for me to deal with everything else that was happening,” Triple H told ESPN.

Triple H also spoke about the difficult situation right now and how the talent is dealing with the lack of fans in the arena right now.

“It’s tough. The WWE Universe, our fanbase, is the secret sauce of what we do. We’re one of the first interactive television shows because we encourage fans to bring signs, they make their own chants. There’s a sense of community in the WWE with our fanbase. That community, their energy, that’s what drives our performers to put on the show that they do. I can tell you that what we do is very physical. That physicality hurts a lot more when there’s no one there egging you on and there’s no adrenaline from the fans. Our talent has just stepped up to another level. It’s been impressive to see their level of dedication and passion to what to give back to fans who can’t come to arena, but are at home watching.”

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