TNA Talent Working Without Contracts, Angle Talks About TNA's Videogame

February 5, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS


– A source within TNA Wrestling has confirmed that a lot of the newer talent they’ve brought in are working without contracts. Because these wrestlers are working without restrictive deals, they still have the freedom to work for Ring of Honor and other independent companies that TNA prohibits it’s contracted wrestlers to work for.

– In an interview with, Kurt Angle spoke about TNA’s upcoming video game. When asked about the competition between TNA and WWE, Angle said, “It’s just that right now WWE is slightly beating us in the ratings and they have the advantage because they’ve had experience. This is our first video game. This is big for us, this is huge.” He went on to predict that it will only take a month for TNA’s video game to overtake the WWE branded game.

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