TNA Final Resolution Results – December 7, 2008

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TNA Final Resolution Results – 12/07/2008
Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Richard Gray of

TNA Wrestling… Cross The Line. We’re live on pay-per-view, cue the opening video.

We’re live inside the Impact Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Mike Tenay gives us the formal welcome as the pyros go off. Tenay and West rundown tonight’s card.

Feast or Fired Match
TNA Superstars will battle to get shots at the TNA championships! One unlucky superstar will also be FIRED from TNA Wrestling!

Here’s the order of entrance: Cute Kip, Sonjay Dutt w/ SoCal Val, Jimmy Rave, Lance Rock, Alex Shelley, BG James, Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, Curry Man, Hernandez, Homicide, and Shark Boy. There are cases above the ring posts. The bell rings and everyone’s going at it. Creed and Hernandez are working together. Curry Man gets close to case number three, he’s knocked off by Jimmy Rave. Curry Man takes out Lance Rock with a head butt. Shark Boy has Dutt’s pants down, his backside is exposed. The Motor City Machineguns double team Shark Boy. BG James and Creed go at it with the Guns. Shelley takes out Creed with a dropkick. Shark Boy and Curry Man take out the Motor City Machineguns in the ring. Curry Man and Shark Boy go for cases. BG James works with Curry Man but Shark Boy takes him out and throws him to the outside. Curry Man and Shark Boy go for a case but Sonjay takes them out. Dutt works with Hernandez and nearly grabs a case. Suicide dive from Homicide gets the crowd going. Hernandez takes out Jimmy Rave, sending him to the outside with a border toss. Hernandez grabs case number four. Hernandez is a case winner.

Drop toe hold from Curry Man on Cute Kip. I briefly lost PPV feed. Kip’s attack is cut short by BG James. Shark Boy ends up taking out James with a Stunner. Stunner for Cute Kip. Stunner for Consequences Creed. Lance Rock takes out Shark Boy then Sabin with a suplex. Shelley goes off the top but is caught by Rock and slammed to the mat. Homicide and Curry Man double team Lance Rock but he takes them down with a double clothesline. Rock is eventually double teamed by Curry Man and Homicide in a counter. Lethal is knocked to the outside. Homicide and Curry Man battle at the top for a case. Curry Man and Homicide exchange headbutts but finally Curry Man grabs case number three. Curry Man jumps off the top rope to the outside. Curry Man is a case winner. Rave and Lethal work together in the ring. Cute Kip splashes Rave hard in the corner. Cute Kip hits his finisher on Rave. Alex Shelley gets in and hits a spin kick on Cute Kip followed by a double team by Chris Sabin. The Motor City Machineguns work with Creed in the ring. Consequences Creed counters. Homicide hits a spinning neckbreaker on Sabin. Creed gets taken out by Dutt. Dutt works with Lethal. Lethal hits a full nelson suplex on the Guru. Lethal goes for case number one but Homicide takes him out.

Homicide takes out Lethal off the ropes. Homicide tries to decide which case he wants. He goes for case number one. Sonjay Dutt gets up and headbutts Homicide. Homicide holds on, Dutt works with him on the top turnbuckle. Homicide tries to unhook case number one. Homicide is a case winner. Cute Kip and BG James work together in the ring. Kip throws James to the outside where they go at it. Dutt over the top rope, takes them both out. Lance Rock is taken out by the Motor City Machineguns in the ring. Alex Shelley goes after a case but Jimmy Rave stops him from behind. Another double team from the Guns in a double team. Lethal gets up and nearly unhooks a case but Alex Shelley puts him on his shoulders. Sabin goes off the top and connects with a missile dropkick. Shark Boy pulls Alex Shelley off of a case, Creed works over Sabin. Shark Boy and Creed double team the Guns. The Guns clear the ring in a counter as Shelley gets up for the case. Sabin blocks for him. Shelley and Sabin celebrate with the case in the ring but Lethal jumps in, takes it from them and makes it to the floor. Jay Lethal is a case winner.

Below are the case winners:

Curry Man
Jay Lethal

Jeremy Borash gets in the ring and says that we are going to open the first briefcase here live. The Motor City Machineguns are still in the ring. Borash lets them know of the consequences. JB gives everyone a chance to give their case up. Curry Man teases but he decides to keep. Homicide checks with the fans but keeps his. Everyone keeps their case. JB says that they have randomly picked a number and that number will be opened tonight, right now. The number randomly selected is the number two. It’s Jay Lethal’s case. Lethal gets in the ring with his case.

The Motor City Machineguns are still in the ring. Referee Andrew Thomas unlocks the chain around the briefcase. JB quickly goes through Lethal’s accomplishments. The Guns say that it’s their case, JB says it’s not and that if they have a problem they need to take it up with Mick Foley. JB says that the rules are very clear, that they must make it to the floor with the case to win it. Referees detain the Guns who are still in the ring. Andrew Thomas has the case as JB asks Lethal if he’s ready. Lethal gives it an OHHHHH YEAH. Thomas snaps open the case and Lethal wins a Tag Team Title Shot. The Guns go crazy as Lethal grabs the case and gets out of the ring. Borash is getting frustrated at the Guns, as he gets red-faced and tells off Alex Shelley. He says he’s tried of their constant moaning, complaining, and bitching. JB says that the name of the company is Total Nonstop Action and not Total Nonstop A-Hole and that is what Shelley has become. JB says that Shelley is the biggest pain in the ass that’s ever worked with. Lethal’s music plays as JB heads to the back.

Backstage with Lauren who’s with Sharmell and the Beautiful People (including Cute Kip). She asks her about losing her locker room, she says she’ll deal with that. Sharmell says that underneath all her beauty that she’s about as ghetto as ghetto gets. She cuts a gangsta girl promo and walks off. Velvet Sky talks about all the cellulite in the girl’s locker room. She cuts a heel promo, saying that they do bad things to bad people but she says they never start anything but take out the trash that ‘they’ put in the ring with ‘us’. Sky tells Roxxi and Taylor Wilde they are so over beating the ugly out of them. She says the only reason they accepted this match is because the Beautiful People wanted another crib. Angelina Love says that they only know you can only have one of something. They thank Booker in advance for his locker room. Love says that the Beautiful People can never have enough real estate. Love says that they own everything and that’s why the economy is so bad. Love gets a phone call by Sarah Palin. She tells Palin that they can come to the Impact Zone and to call her when they land.

The Beautiful People & Sharmell vs. ODB, Taylor Wilde & Roxxi
Knockouts Match

Sharmell comes out first followed by Angelina Love and Velvet Sky with Cute Kip. Roxxi comes out for her team first followed by ODB. Taylor Wilde rounds out her team by coming out last. The match starts with ODB taking out Angelina Love in the ring. The babyface Knockouts are ready in the ring. Sharmell jumps in Kip’s arms on the outside. It’s Love and Roxxi in the ring. Roxxi takes her to the mat and goes for a wrist lock. Taylor Wilde tags in and locks in a wrist lock of her own. Roxxi tags back in and hits a double sledge off the top on Angelina Love. Taylor Wilde tags back in and hits a double sledge of her own. Wilde and Love work in the ring.

Velvet Sky is tagged in and takes Taylor Wilde down to the mat and gets a two count. Velvet Sky kicks Wilde in the small of her back. Right hands from Wilde followed by a CM Punk style kick to take her down in a counter. Roxxi tags in and picks up Sky. She slams her down and tags back in Taylor Wilde. They go for a double team but Velvet Sky gets out of the ring. Roxxi takes out Love who is tagged back in. The Beautiful People regroup on the outside, Sharmell is too scared to get in the ring. Now it’s Cute Kip and ODB in the ring. Angelina and Velvet Sky take out ODB in the ring. Sky goes to work on her with chops. ODB starts to counter, she exchanges blows with Velvet Sky. Angelina Love is tagged in. They beat down ODB in their corner. Kip interferes when the referee is distracted. Love works with ODB in the corner of the ring. Love buries her head in the midsection of ODB in the corner. Head lock from Angelina Love. Velvet Sky is tagged in and kicks ODB in the back. Dropkick from Angelina Love. The Beautiful People taunt the crowd. Sharmell is tagged in, she gets in and kicks ODB in the ring. Sharmell lands several blows on ODB as she quickly tags in Velvet Sky when ODB shows signs of life. Velvet Sky and Angelina Love double team ODB but she counters with a double clothesline. Three women down in the ring.

Taylor Wilde is tagged in. She gets in and takes out The Beautiful People with missile dropkicks. She hits the tilt the world backbreaker on Angelina Love. Velvet Sky breaks up the three count. Roxxi gets in and takes Sky to the outside. Sharmell goes for ODB who has her back turned. ODB turns around and gets her one-on-one. Cute Kip gets in between them, ODB goes after Sharmell down the entrance tunnel. Taylor Wilde and Angelina Love are going at it in the ring. Love hits a cross-body block off the top rope but Taylor Wilde reverses the pin on the mat and gets the win.

Winners – Taylor Wilde, Roxxi, & ODB

Backstage with Jeremy Borash and Eric Young, they talk about tonight’s X-Division Championship match.
Eric Young vs. champion Sheik Abdul Bashir
X Division Championship Match

The Motor City Machineguns interrupt the interview and tell Young that they need to borrow Borash. Young says that this is about their future… their spots.. and they better got on board. Shelley says the only guy that he can touch is Chris Sabin. Shelley tells him to go work his match while they deal with JB. Shelley slams JB up against a locker and tells him that he wasn’t thinking when he mouthed off. Shelley wants to know where Mick Foley is, JB tells him that he’s in Jeff Jarrett’s office under his breath. Shane Sewell is the referee for this X Division Championship Match. The champion, Sheik Abdul Bashir, comes out next to heat from the crowd. Sewell holds up the title, signifying that it’s on the line. Tenay and West talk about how Sewell has to focus on the match and put Sheik Abdul Bashir in the back of his head. The bell rings as Sheik Abdul Bashir connects on a side headlock takeover. Eric Young gets up quickly but is taken right back down by Bashir. The crowd is very pro-Eric Young. Young takes out Bashir with a blow to the jaw. Young whips Bashir off the ropes, finally connecting with a splash. Hard right hand from Eric Young. Bashir counters with chops in the corner on the Challenger. Belly-to-Belly suplex from Young on Bashir. Young bounces the head off Sheik Abdul Bashir off the turnbuckle. Young throws him into the corner. Bashir counters and throws Young into the turnbuckles all the way to the outside of the ring.

Bashir goes to the outside, Sewell checks on Eric Young. Bashir bounces EY’s head off the steel ring steps. Bashir throws him into the steps and clears the count in the ring. Bashir rolls Young back into the ring and gets a two count. Waist lock by Bashir on Eric Young, Sewell checks for submission. Eric Young gets back to his feet and backs Bashir down with an elbow. Bashir counters with elbows then connects several elbow drops. Bashir gets in Shane Sewell’s face before the cover. Bashir gets a two count then locks in a surf board hold. Bashir lands another blow after breaking the surfboard before re-applying the hold in the ring. Eric Young gets back to a vertical base and counters out of the surfboard submission hold. Both men are down in the ring. Standing switch when they both get back to their feet. Backdrop suplex from Young onto Bashir. Young goes off the top, connects with an elbow and a two count. Young sends Bashir off the ropes but is kicked in the face. Young counters with a discus style clothesline and another two count for a near fall. Young goes for a moonsault off the top, but he misses. Bashir gets a two count in a counter. Sheik Abdul Bashir goes for the weapon of mass destruction but Young counters. Young nearly wins the match in a counter but Bashir gets his foot on the ropes. Bashir tosses Young out of the ring. Bashir gets in Sewell’s face as Young gets on the apron and is hit by Bashir. Bashir taunts Sewell and pushes him. Young finally gets back on the counter and hits a shoulder block. Sewell kicks Bashir, allowing Young to get the roll-up for the three count cover.

Winner & new X Division Champion – Eric Young

After the match, Bashir takes out Young and is furious at Sewell who just cost him the title. Bashir takes out Sewell. Sewell connects on several backhand chops in the ring on Bashir. He takes him out with a back body drop. Bashir hits Sewell with the X Division title belt. Bashir throws Eric Young to the outside.

Christy Hemme vs. champion Awesome Kong w/ Raisha Saeed
TNA Knockout Women’s Championship

Accompanied by Raisha Saeed and Rhaka Khan, the TNA Knockout Women’s Champion, Awesome Kong. She comes out first. A member of the US military comes out to announce Christy Hemme. He announces her to a well-deserved pop from the crowd.

The bell rings and we’re underway. Kong and Hemme lock up but Kong pushes her to the mat. Hemme goes at it with Kong in the corner, but she struggles to move Kong. Hemme’s blows have little effect on Kong. Kong charges at Hemme but she ducks and is sent to the outside. Hemme goes off the top rope and hits a cross-body block on the outside. Hemme goes for a kick but Kong grabs her foot and sends her down on the outside.

Kong smacks Hemme’s face off the ring apron before rolling her back into the ring. Kong slowly follows the Challenger back into the ring. Kong slams Christy down on her spine as she continues to show a lot of heart. Kong steps on the chest of Hemme before picking her up by the hair and going for a slam. Kong puts her above her head and connects a very painful torture rack, bow and arrow type manevuer (I’ve never seen such, but it was awesome). Hemme counters on Kong and gets on her back, she connects a sleeper hold. Hemme connects a sweet rolling DDT on Kong, sending her on her back. She hits a flying fire crotch guillotine off the ropes but Raisha Saeed pulls Hemme to the outside when she goes for the pin. Saeed gets in the ring and tries to go back at Hemme, forcing the disqualification.

Winner via disqualification – Christy Hemme (Kong retains)

After the match, Kong goes crazy on Hemme. Security comes out to hold her back but she gets through them. Security separates Kong and Christy. They break through and continue to get at it. It’s funny watching three guys hold back little Christy Hemme. The crowd screams ‘let them fight’.

Kurt Angle tells JB that he has completely lost it. Angle is very serious and somber, he cuts a promo on Rhino. Angle says that he sees a fire in him that he has never seen. Angle tells Rhino that he has lit a fire in him and the fire that he has in his eyes is like a puff of smoke compared to what Angle has for Jeff Jarrett. Angle says that he thinks about Jarrett morning and night. He says that Jarrett and his three girls have ruined his entire life. Angle says that he will have Jarrett in the ring at Genesis next month and he guarantees him that he will have no mercy for him. JB asks Angle if he has forgotten about Mick Foley – Angle says Foley is taken care of.

Abyss & “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs. champions Beer Money, Inc
TNA Tag Team Championship Match

The following match is for the TNA Tag Team Championship. Matt Morgan is out first followed by his partner, Abyss. James Storm rides to the ring on the ‘beer mobile’ which is awesome. Jacqueline Moore accompanies them to the ring. Before the match starts Abyss chases James Storm all the way around the ring, finally in it. Matt Morgan and Robert Roode get in the ring and it’s an all out brawl inside. Morgan takes out Storm, Abyss ends up taking out Roode. The tag champs retreat to the outside.

Storm runs out of the Impact Zone followed by Abyss and Robert Roode. Beer Money comes back, Morgan goes off the top rope to the outside, onto them both. Abyss rolls both back in the ring. All four men back in the ring, Abyss and Morgan have the advantage. Beer Money, Inc. is leaving with the belts and Jacqueline. Morgan and Abyss demand that they come back. Referee Rudy Charles is talking to Dave Penzer. Penzer says that Beer Money has to the count of 10 to return to the ring once the bell is run and that if they don’t, they forfeit the titles. At 9 they get in and break the count. Beer Money is on the apron, Morgan and Abyss in the ring. Finally it’s James Storm vs. Abyss to start things out. The crowd is very pro-Abyss. Abyss chases Storm right back out of the ring. The crowd boos. Robert Roode gets in and tries to calm Abyss down. Roode ducks out of the ring and onto the apron. The referee tries to get Roode to get back into the ring. It’s Roode and Morgan in the ring. Roode applies a side headlock but Morgan counters. Tenay says that Cornette is going to hold the X Division belt and a decision will be made on Impact this week. In the ring, Morgan is working with Roode.

Morgan hits a fall away slam on James Storm. Abyss is begging for a tag, he gets it. Abyss gets in, Storm goes to the outside. Roode is pulled into the ring over the top ropes by Abyss. Roode counters but Abyss hits a sideslam and gets a two count (I didn’t see a tag). Roode is demanding that Storm get in the ring. Abyss takes out Roode and tags in Morgan. They double team Roode with a double shoulder block. Morgan gets a two count. Roode is setup in the corner, Jackie gets involved and finally Roode takes out Morgan’s knee. Storm is tagged in as he and Roode double team Morgan. Storm works the left knee of Morgan.

Roode wraps Morgan’s knee around the steel ring post (Morgan is in the ring, Roode on the outside). Roode gets back in the ring and starts to work with Morgan. Roode hits a chop block variation and gets a two count as Morgan was going for a tag. Roode tags back in James Storm. Storm goes right back to the left knee of Morgan. Storm locks in a half Boston Crab on Matt Morgan. Abyss reaches for a tag and finally tries to get in. The referee won’t let him, Roode gets a tag and locks back in the half Boston Crab on Morgan. Morgan finally grabs the bottom rope, Roode breaks the hold and tags in Storm. Storm connects on an elbow to the back of the head of Morgan. Right knee, left knee to the face of Morgan from Storm. Storm tags in Roode who goes off the top into a rocket launcher double team. Roode gets a two count. Roode tags in Storm, they go for a double suplex that Morgan reverses. Morgan takes them both out. Morgan finally gets the tag. Storm gets out of the ring as Abyss beats down Roode. Abyss picks Roode up for the Shock Treatment back breaker, Storm in for the save. Storm connects on some blows but they don’t have much effect. Abyss takes out Storm, Roode goes off the top rope and eats a chokeslam from Abyss. Shock Treatment on James Storm from Abyss. Abyss covers Storm, Roode barely makes the save. Storm goes for the beer bottle shot, Abyss takes the bottle away. Jacqueline gets in and distracts Abyss before he hits Storm. Storm has brass knuckles, he hits Abyss in the face with it and gets the pinfall victory.

Winners & still TNA Tag Team Champions – Beer Money, Inc.

Backstage with Lauren and Mick Foley, Lauren asks Foley about the pressure surrounding Kurt Angle vs. Rhino tonight. He says that he intends to keep the Main Event Mafia out of the match. The Motor City Machineguns walks up and interrupt the interview. Shelley tells Foley that they are just different people.

The Guns finally tell Mick Foley they want him to go out and overturn the decision regarding their Feast or Fired case. Foley tells Lauren that one say ‘that kid’ will have exactly what is coming to him.

The Motor City Machineguns come out to the ring. Alex Shelley tells the crowd to shut up so that a man can talk. Shelley says that this is the second time that the MCMG have came out on this broadcast and we’ll be lucky if our PPV providers do not charge us double. Shelley says that Foley is about to come out and reverse the decision to the Feast or Fired match and that they are more than qualified to be champions. Sabin grabs a couple of chairs and sets them up in the ring.

Shelley says they are sitting there until Foley comes out. Jim Cornette comes out and tells them that Foley has more to worry about than a couple of crybabies. Cornette tells Shelley that what they better do is get their butts out of those chairs, get out of the ring, and out of the building right now. They ask him what if they don’t. Cornette says that he’s going to have security remove them.

Suicide comes out on a zip line over the crowd. He gets in the ring and takes out both Shelley and Sabin. Suicide clears the ring to a tremendous pop from the live crowd.

Rhino vs. Kurt Angle
Special Enforcer: Mick Foley
If Rhino wins, Angle is gone from TNA! If Angle wins, he gets his rematch vs. Jeff Jarrett!

The Special Enforcer, Mick Foley, comes to the ring first. The stipulation for this match is if Angle wins, he gets a rematch next month against Jeff Jarrett. If he loses, he’s ‘finished’ with TNA Wrestling. Rhino is out next. Kurt Angle is out next, very serious, as he adjusts the straps of his singlet. The bell rings and we’re ready to go. No one came out to be in the corner of Kurt Angle.

Rhino backs Kurt Angle down into the ropes. They exchange blows, both trying to gain the opening control. Angle eats a move from Rhino but retreats to the outside. Angle gets on the apron and then back into the ring. The crowd is split. Angle locks up with Rhino in the ring, side headlock from Rhino. Rhino takes Angle down with the side headlock. Rhino has it applied on Angle on the mat. Rhino takes Angle down and gets a two count after Angle counters. Rhino backs Angle into the corner. Angle whips Rhino into the other corner off the reversal. Rhino connects with an elbow in a counter and gets another near fall. Angle ends up pushing Rhino to the outside when he was up on the ropes, trying to gain the advantage. Mick Foley looks on at the action. Angle works with Rhino on the outside, slamming him off the crowd control gate. Angle gets into the ring as Foley tells Rhino something. Angle kicks Rhino in the ribs and rolls him back into the ring. Near fall for angle. Backdrop suplex from Angle onto Rhino for another two count.

Side headlock from Angle onto Rhino. Rhino picks Angle above his head and slams him but Angle never broke the hold. Angle’s got more of a sleep now locked as Rhino goes back to a vertical base. Rhino uses right hands to try and battle out. Angle sends Rhino off the ropes and hits a belly-to-belly overhead release suplex. Angle gets a two count, and another. Rhino counters on Angle but Angle ends up raking the eyes Rhino, sending him back down to the mat for another submission hold. Rhino gets back to the vertical base, both men end up going down off the ropes. Angle hits Rhino with a right, they exchange blows. Back and forth, Rhino gets the better of Angle, sending him to the mat. Angle gets back up quick but ends up getting caught in a big spinebuster from the War Machine. Two count for Rhino. Angle counters out of nowhere with a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle drops the straps from his singlet. Angle goes for the Olympic Slam, but Rhino counters with a belly-to-belly suplex.

Rhino goes for Gore but it’s reversed into a Kurt Angle ankle lock. Mick Foley encourages Rhino towards the ropes, the referee checks on him. Angle pulls Rhino back to the middle. Rhino counters out and goes for a power bomb, he ends up dropping Angle face first on the top turnbuckle. Angle is down face first on the mat. Rhino is going for Gore, Angle hits Rhino with a knee to the head. Olympic Slam from Angle into a two count. Rhino inadvertently hits referee Slick Johnson, taking him out. Angle takes out Rhino in the ring and goes to the outside for a steel chair. Foley, checking on the referee, demands that Angle put down the chair. Angle drops the chair, Rhino sneaks up behind him and nearly catches him for a three in a small package. Angle goes to the top rope, Rhino connects right hands on him. Angle sits on the top turnbuckle, Rhino connects on a superplex. Mick Foley counts the two count for Rhino. Al Snow comes out to the ring, starring down Mick Foley. Snow smacks Foley in the face. Angle ends up hitting Rhino with the chair. Angle Slam on Rhino and Foley is forced to make the three count.

Winner – Kurt Angle, gets a rematch against Jeff Jarrett

We’re backstage with Lauren and the rest of the Main Event Mafia. She’s interviewing Sting, she asks him how confident that he is. Sting says that he is very confident and tells her that they have all been victims of their disrespect. Sting says he is surrounded by experience.

Backstage with Jeremy Borash and the TNA Frontline. Borash asks Styles if he and Samoa Joe can trust Team 3D. Brother Ray goes off on that, Styles asks who’s everyone and asks him if he’s still paling around with Kurt Angle. Styles screams at Borash and tells him that he trusts them and believes in them like brothers. He says that Frontline is taking home the TNA Championship tonight. Brother Ray and Brother Devon seem to somewhat mock Styles when he walks out.

TNA World Champion Sting, Legends Champion Booker T, Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner (The Main Event Mafia) vs. Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Team 3D (TNA Frontline)
(If TNA Frontline wins, AJ Styles becomes the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion)

The Main Event Mafia comes out first with Scott Steiner being a touch delayed. The TNA Frontline is out next. Jeremy Borash gets in the ring for the formal introductions. This is an eight man tag with the TNA Championship on the line. Earl Hebner is the referee. The bell rings and we’re underway. It’s Booker T and AJ Styles starting things out. Booker slaps AJ in the face, it has no effect. Booker and AJ lockup, both struggle for opening control. AJ lands several rights to the jaw of Booker T.

Big dropkick from AJ Styles on Booker T off the ropes. Styles tags in Brother Ray, double axe handle on Booker. Wrist lock from Brother Ray, Booker falls to one knee. Booker beats Brother Ray down in the corner, Booker tags in Scott Steiner. Side slam from Booker onto Brother Ray. Steiner assaults Brother Ray into the ropes with big clubbing blows. Steiner drops a clothesline but misses on an elbow drop. Brother Ray hits a Rock Bottom and a two count. Ray tags in Samoa Joe. Joe works over Steiner in the ring. Steiner gets caught by an elbow in the face from Joe in the corner. Joe kicks Steiner in the back of the head with a kick. Joe motions for Nash to tag into the match. Sting tags in instead and goes to work with Joe. Joe lands kicks and chops on the TNA Champion. Several right hands from Joe in his MMA-style stance in the corner. Headbutt from Joe onto Sting. Sting turns it around with a rake to the eyes and right hands. Scoop slam from Sting onto Joe. He drops an elbow on the Samoan Submission Machine. Nash is tagged in.

Joe smacks Nash’s head off the turnbuckle. Joe tags in Brother Devon who hits a big shoulder block on Big Sexy. Devon takes out Steiner, then Booker T who get involved. Devon goes back to work on Nash and gets a two count. Devon goes back to work on Booker then back to Nash. Devon gets into it with Sting on the apron and ends up eating a boot from Nash. Side slam from Nash onto Brother Devon for a two count. Nash tags in Scott Steiner. They double team Brother Devon. Steiner sends Devon off the ropes and applies a bear hug followed by a release suplex and a two count. Booker T is back in the ring off a tag, he works over Devon in the corner. Devon blocks a right from Booker and counters, he eats a kick from Booker in another counter. Two count for Booker on Devon. Booker goes for a variation of the cross-face submission. Booker has the submission applied as he tags in Sting. The crowd gets behind Devon. Sting tags in Steiner. Steiner chops away at Devon, lifting his shirt up. Finally Steiner sets Devon up on the top turnbuckle. Devon pushes Steiner off and goes for a diving headbutt off the top, he connects.

Brother Ray and Nash are tagged in. Ray connects with several rights followed by a lariat. Big splash in the corner from Ray followed by a backdrop suplex. Cover from Brother Ray but Booker T comes in for the save. Samoa Joe is tagged in and he delivers his kicks to Nash. Splash from Joe into a two count on Nash. Booker T works with Joe, sending him to the corner. Joe is attacked by Steiner who is on the outside. Booker T had Hebner distracted. Nash hits a short armed clothesline for a two count followed by an elbow drop and another two count. Nash tags in Sting. Sting hits a dropkick to the face of Samoa Joe. Sting hits another dropkick and tags Scott Steiner back in. Steiner drops an elbow on Joe but he gets caught in the corner of TNA Frontline. Steiner ends up applying a headlock, Joe back to the vertical base. Steiner sends Joe to the mat, but a member of 3D makes the save. Sting is tagged in, he hits a snap suplex and tags in Booker T. Booker T is the legal man for the Main Event Mafia. He exchanges chops with Joe. Fierce chops from Joe but he eats a spectacular kick from Booker. Booker tags in Steiner. They double team Joe. Steiner sets Joe up on the top turnbuckle. Belly-to-belly release overhead suplex from Steiner. He goes for the cover but Joe has his feet on the ropes. Steiner applies a sleeper on Joe but Joe gets to his feet. Steiner tags in Kevin Nash. Nash works over Joe in the corner of the Main Event Mafia. Joe gets hit by everything that Nash has in the corner.

Booker T applies a hold on Samoa Joe from the outside. This enables Nash to maintain control on Joe in the ring, dropping him with a big move. Nash tags in Sting who goes off the top rope, but Joe gets his knees up. Sting brings Joe back to the Main Event Mafia corner. Sting tags in Booker T who applies an abdominal stretch on Samoa Joe. Joe counters but Booker tags in Steiner. Steiner attacks Joe. Joe counters, catching Steiner in mid-air, both men are shaken up. AJ Styles is tagged in, Sting in. Styles and Sting go at it, Booker comes in, Nash comes in. Styles cleans house. Big splash from AJ onto Sting in the corner. Splashes for Steiner, Booker, and Nash.

Styles connects on Sting and gets a two count. Joe tags in and takes out Sting. Everyone is in the ring, the match structure has broken down. Booker and Devon are going at it in the ring, the other action is outside. 3D by Team 3D onto Booker T but Steiner comes in and hits a double clothesline. Suplex from Steiner on Devon. Full nelson sitdown powerbomb from Ray onto Steiner. Nash comes in a chokeslams Brother Ray. Sting goes for the Scorpion Death Lock, Joe in for the save. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster on Sting but Nash in for the save with the low blow, Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Joe and gets the three count.

Winners – The Main Event Mafia, Sting retains the TNA Championship

MAJOR Spoilers For Monday’s 3 HOUR RAW! **SHOCKING**