Should Lance Armstrong be allowed to compete in triathlon?


Having never won a major title in the sport or even competed since his cycling doping confessions three years ago, Lance Armstrong remains arguably the most controversial name in tri.


“Let Lance Armstrong race Kona” says Ironman legend Dave Scott

Armstrong is making headlines once more, having recently revealed in a podcast with Movember Men’s Health that it was the way he “mistreated people” that he regrets the most from his time dominating (and cheating his way) to seven Tour de France victories.

Armstrong also polarised opinion at a 35km trail race he won at the weekend in California, with Joe Gray, a US national trail-running champion, taking to Facebook to air his distain:

“Race directors allowing him into racing need to understand that it’s not because of his doping alone that he is not welcome. It’s because of the things he did outside of doping and the fact that he could influence others to take the negative plunge he once took.”

On 220’s Facebook page, we posed the question of whether Armstrong should be allowed to compete when his ban is lifted in August 2016, and garnered some fascinating responses ranging from yes’s, to definitive no’s, to indifference and back again. Here’s our pick of the comments…


Despite many commenters supporting or wanting Armstrong’s return, many still had contempt for the man himself: