Shawn Michaels Reveals Why He Found WWE Worlds Collide “Special”


WWE Hall Of Famer, Shawn Michaels recently spoke with WWE’S Performance Center YouTube channel where he discussed WWE Worlds Collide.

For Michaels, he found the entire show to be incredibly special, especially for the NXT UK brand.

“Any time you’re a part of anything first, it’s fun and it’s special,” Michaels said of Worlds Collide. “This one is special for a number of reasons. Worlds Collide, which is sort of starting the beginning of a new brand, a new franchise, I think this is something people have wanted to see. It’s a bunch of unique match-ups that you’ll likely never see again. For me, all of these events now, with NXT, and especially NXT UK because that’s the one that I have been on the ground floor with from the very beginning, and continue to really work on that brand.

“Watching these men and women be a part of these big events… to be a part of their firsts, this foundational aspect that is NXT and NXT UK, beginning to grow and grow, and get bigger, it just makes you feel good when you can pay off all those big hopes, and dreams, and aspirations that you talked about, and to watch it come to fruition, see the looks on their faces when they get to be a part of these events, when they’re working on the events, and especially when these events are over.”

H/T to for the transcriptions.

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