Report: Neville No Longer Under Contract to WWE

November 23, 2020 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

— According to a report at, Neville is no longer under contract to WWE. He walked out on the company back in October of 2017 and reportedly asked for a release. The company, however, did not grant him the release and instead let him sit out, essentially freezing his contract and he has pretty much not been heard from since.

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— It is unclear exactly when the contract between the parties ended and thus, it is unknown whether Neville would be in the middle of a no-compete clause as almost all WWE performers are after they leave the promotion.

— Earlier in the week, Cody Rhodes tweeted that he missed Neville and Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks echoed the statement which will probably lead to rumors that he could be a part of the upcoming All In (which could only even be possible if the WWE non-compete clause is over).

— Also earlier this week, Dave Meltzer – when asked whether there was anything new on Neville – tweeted that “after a lot of quietness, there is news, but nothing official.”