Report: Big Cass is in the Doghouse for Going Off Script During Smackdown Segment

November 26, 2020 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

— According to a report at Pro Wrestling Sheet, Big Cass is in the doghouse because he went against a directive given to him before his segment at Smackdown two weeks ago. The segment in question was when Cass beat down a little person who was dressed up as Daniel Bryan.

— The plan from WWE officials was for the attack to end after Cass hit the impersonator with a big boot, but Cass tried to lobby for a further beatdown that was turned down. However, Cass felt strongly about it that he went and approached Vince McMahon to get approval, but Vince also shot him down.

— Despite no one approving the idea of the segment extending past the big boot, when it played out on TV, Cass ignored the explicit instructions by mounting the little person and unloaded with a series of punches. Backstage, officials were upset and it subsequently ended up with him in major hot water. That weekend, Cass lost his match against Daniel Bryan at Backlash (it’s unclear if this was the idea all along or if the finish was changed after the events on TV) and then a few days later, he wasn’t even used on Smackdown as we noted here.

— On their YouTube recap of the segment, WWE edited out the footage of the punches, pretty much confirming that Cass went off script.

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