RAW Report 8/25/08 Wilkes-Barre, PA

February 2, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

RAW this week starts with music and pyro.

CM PUNK comes out to the ring for a match. King and Cole talk about the new Championship Scramble and how great it is, how wonderful Adamle is for coming up with the idea. JBL comes out to face him.
“CM PUNK” chants. JBL hits a number of forearms to punks back, using muscle to start the match and gain control. Punk gets slammed down and JBL goes for an elbow drop, but Punk moves. Some kicks and Punk covers. JBL’s foot in on the bottom rope. Punk hooks that leg and covers for two. Cole talks about Cena’s injury (rumor has it he was sent in for an MRI on his neck and the results are not good).
JBL gains control with muscle but Punk finesses him down and covers for two. Again he tries to cover, but gets two. Side headlock on JBL. “CM Punk” chants. Huge arm drag to JBL. JBL punches and goes for the clothesline but gets a kick then a standing dropkick sending him from the ring. Punk flies through the ropes and they both land against the announce table. They re-enter, Punk climbs and hits a cross body for two. Punk gets sent over the top, but skins the cat back in. A big boot sends Punk out through the ropes.

– Commercial

JBL has a bear hug on Punk. Punk elbows out but JBL grabs the back of his tights, pulls him back and hits a suplex for two. Vertical suplex from JBL for two. Abdominal stretch to Punk. Huge clothesline from JBL for two. Punk starts fighting back with punches but JBL hits a knee to Punk’s jaw. JBL gets Punk up on his shoulders and bounces him in the rack. Punk gets out but then gets slammed down for two. JBL bounces Punk’s face off a corner and then set him up on the corner. Huge punches sends Punk flailing back. JBL climbs up but Punk punches him a couple times so he gets down. Punk hits a huge DDT from the corner for two. A knee to JBL’s face, then a kick to the side of JBL’s head. Punk springboards off the top rope in a cross body for two. A high knee in a corner for two. Punk tries for the GTS, but JBL gets out and they run around before JBL hits the clothesline from hell. JBL covers and Punk grabs the bottom rope to break the count. JBL goes outside and grabs a chair out of frustration. He gets in with it, but the ref pulls it from his hands after he’s in. Punk grabs a distracted JBL and hits the GTS for three.

– Winner: Punk

Punk walks around the ring showing off his belt to the fans. Video of JBL getting out of the GTS and hitting his clothesline.

– Commercial

Adamle comes out, to some heat, he has everyone look at the tron to see the SS match between Cena and Batista. As a result of this match Cena has a severely herniated disk in his neck. An MRI revealed it’s much worse than they thought. It will require surgery and he’ll be out indefinitely. He won’t be able to participate in the CS at Unforgiven.

Cole and King talk about Cena and who’s going to replace him.

Kane is out back. He says they make it sound like such a tragedy, but pain can be beautiful. Batista will never relish in what he did to Cena they way he does for what he did to Rey. He destroyed Rey’s body and psyche.

Adamle is out back with Primo. Adamle apologizes for running off on Primo last week. Adamle says he has the apples and the cabana ready. Primo says he’s nothing like his Brother. He’s a much better man than Carlito. He’s so sick of how he grew up listening to is it cool, is it not cool. He again says he’s a better man.
HBK shows up as Primo leaves. He doesn’t say a word. Adamle says he has some time before he shows up. HBK turns to leave and Adamle asks about his wife. HBK glares at Adamle then leaves.

– Commercial

Kelly comes out to the ring. Beth comes out to the ring with Santino in tow.
They lock up. Kelly gets a side headlock on Beth. Beth picks her up and sets her up top. Beth toys with her. Kelly jumps down and glares. Kelly manages to roll Beth up, but Beth comes back with a huge shoulder block to Kelly. Beth’s nose is bleeding and she takes it out on Kelly a cover to Kelly for two. Beth tries to choke Kelly who kicks Beth in the head. Beth reverses a whip but stops to check her nose. Kelly gets her foot up into Beth’s face. A drop toe hold takes Beth down. Santino tries to pull Beth out of harms way and this enables Kelly to roll Beth up for three.

– Winner: Kelly

Santino knows he’s in trouble. He enters the ring to join a seething Beth. She slams him down and punches the heck out of his head before he gets out of the ring and runs op the ramp to get away.

– Commercial

WWE 24/7 – April 23, 1989 – Bret Hart and Kurt Hennig fight. When the time runs out Bret wins.

Carlito’s music but out comes “Charlito”. It’s Charlie Haas in a bad wig. I spit in the face of people who look like mules.” Primo comes out to face him.
Primo yells at Charlito about the wig, but Charlito bitch slaps him. Primo easily gains control. A huge clothesline from Charlito. Charlito checks his bad wig before stomping Primo. Huge side slam to Primo who kicks out at two. Chin lock on Primo. Primo works to his feet and out, but gets a forearm to the upper back that drops him. Charlito takes a huge bite of apple but a bitch slap from Primo knocks it form his mouth. Huge drop kick from Primo. A monkey flip to Charlito send the wig flying. Primo climbs and flies in a cross body. Primo covers for three.

– Winner: Primo

Primo quickly leaves the ring and celebrates as he heads for the ramp.

Out back a really pissed looking HBK is heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Video of HBK and Y2J from SS.

HBK’s music and he comes out in street clothes with his cowboy hat on. He takes it off when he gets in the ring. Huge pop and “HBK” chants. He says to everyone who’s asked about his wife, she’s hurt. But after being married to him for almost ten years, she’s tough and will be okay. He went home to take care of his wife and kids he really tried to look at it like a rational human being. That Y2J didn’t mean to hit his wife. Then they sat down to watch RAW and listened to him brag about what he did and he no remorse. He didn’t send in a letter of resignation because over 20 years he’s earned the right to thank the fans. He didn’t realize that saying goodbye would be so hard, that’s why his wife was with him. She was there to life him up and support him as she has for the past ten years. And she got punched in the face for it. Y2J about blamed her for getting hurt. “HBK” chants. HBK turned to his wife, looked into her eyes and he knew, he knew that he wasn’t going anywhere. The fans erupt!
Suddenly there’s huge heat because Y2J is on the tron with a pissy ‘I’m five and didn’t get my candy bar’ look. He says HBK is lucky that Y2J isn’t there. People are afraid of what Y2J would do to HBK if he was there. The last time they faced each other he destroyed HBK, tore him apart. Then next time HBK won’t leave the ring. HBK is selfish and evil. He’d sue Y2J and WWE, take the whole company down.
HBK rips off his jacket and gets on his knees. He says he wants the match because he’d go to jail if he did what he wanted to outside the ring. He’ll sign anything. No rules, no constrictions, no liabilities. He doesn’t want anyone responsible for what he’s going to do to Y2J, except him.
Y2J says that he’s the one who will do anything. Look at HBK’s eye, look at his wife. He’ll destroy HBK.
HBK cuts in and asks if he’s going to accept the match or is his wife tougher than Y2J?
Y2J accepts. He says to not allow his wife and kids to watch the match, they’ll be horrified. At Unforgiven…
HBK says Y2J doesn’t know the meaning of the words unforgiven. HBK says he’s not looking to pin Y2J’s shoulders to the mat or care about stealing the show. He wants and eye for an eye.

– Commercial

Cody and Ted come out to the ring without their belts as Cryme Tyme stole them last week. Video of Cryme Tyme stealing their belts just before their match with Cena. King and Hacksaw come out to the ring to face them (?). Video of King bitch slapping Cody over saying he wasn’t born when King slapped Andy Kaufman.
King and Cody are about to start but Ted tags in. “USA” chants. King and Ted lock up. Back body drop to King. Punches to King. King hits a back body drop on Ted. Ted telegraphs and gets punched. King gets bounced off a corner. Cody tags in and they double team King. Cody kicks King and gets a head lock on him. “USA” chants started by Hacksaw. King is slammed back to the mat by Cody. King elbows the heck out of Cody but then gets slammed down. Cody bitch slaps King which fires him up and takes Cody down. Ted tags in. Hacksaw tags in and hits a cheap shot on Cody and then scoop slams Ted. Huge clothesline and he covers Ted for two until Cody breaks it up. King rushes in to take out Cody. Ted hits a leg sweep on Hacksaw and hooks both legs for three.

– Winners: Ted & Cody

Cody and Ted celebrate in the ring. Video of the win. Cody leaves the ring and demands Lilian’s mic. He says he hopes Cryme Tyme was watching. They’re going to hunt them down for stealing their belts. They committed a crime. You don’t steal belts, you win them. Something they could never do.
Cryme Tyme’s music and they come out in the party boxes. The fans love them. They introduce themselves and calls them (Cody and Ted) pretty boys. Don’t do the crime unless you’re willing to do the time. They’re willing to do the time. They borrowed the belts to get their attention. They challenge them to a title match.
Ted says they should have gone through the proper channels. The delinquents don’t know what they’ve gotten into. He say they’re going to take back more than what was stolen from them and it will be priceless.
JTG says, “Feel it white boy, nothing’s priceless. It will always be about that money, money…” The fans are so into them.

– Commercial

Batista out back with Grisham. He asks about his match with Kane. He says he wants to talk about Cena. The match at SS was one of his hardest. He’s never seen Cena back down, ever. He wishes him full luck with his surgery and hopes he’s back soon. About Kane, that sick, demented freak, he feels nothing for him. He will win back his title, but tonight’s not about titles. Tonight’s personal.

Santino comes out looking around to make sure Beth isn’t going to ambush him. Video of Beth match earlier when he tried to help her and got his ass kicked for it. Kofi comes out to try to win his belt back.
Kofi quickly rolls Santino up for two. Arm bar on Santino. Side headlock on Kofi. Kofi gets slammed down hard. Kofi leaps high and takes Santino down with a knee, elbow, or something. Monkey flip to Santino. Upper cut from Kofi. Santino gains control and stomps Kofi. He covers for two. Abdominal stretch on Kofi. Kofi muscles out and hits a drop kick. Kofi jumps up on a corner and makes like he’s going to fly and Santino ducks. He waits and then flies taking down Santino. Boots to Santino’s ribs.
Beth comes down the ramp. Beth trips Kofi from outside and hits Santino’s knee as Santino is prone and begging the something of the ref. This knocks him out and Santino gets the three.

– Winner: Santino

Beth gets in the ring and backs Santino into a corner. She grabs his wrists and forces them down. He looks scared. She plants one on him. He then grabs her and tosses her in the corner. She looks scared. He moves the hair out of her face and plants one on her. She fights it at first, then melts. They break and he’s all happy. She yells at him to come with her. He promptly follows. (Again wonderful bit from them – so much fun and so funny!)

– Commercial

Video of Josh Matthews and Candice Michelle at the Democratic National Convention talking about Smackdown Your Vote (she sounds so dippy!).

Adamle comes out to the stage. He says he’d said he’d mention Cena’s replacement and he has. He, himself is a former champion. His name, Rey Mysterio.
King and Cole discuss Rey’s return. They then talk about SD!’s CS Match. They also talk about HBK facing Y2J at Unforgiven.

Batista is out back heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Batista comes out to the ring. Kane comes out to face him.
They lock up and Kane is backed into a corner and Batista gives a clean break. Kane then slams Batista to the mat. Front face lock on Kane. It’s reversed into a hammerlock on Batista. He flips over and gains a hold on Kane. Kane gets flipped to the mat. Arm bar on Kane. Kane tries to reverse the hold but Batista gets a head lock with body scissors. Kane gets out but Batista keeps an arm bar. Forearms to Kane’s upper arm. In a corner Batista keeps working on that upper arm. Shoulder to Kane’s gut in the corner. Batista slams Kane’s face into a corner. Punches to Kane. Batista goes for the Batista bomb but Kane muscles out so Batista hits a clothesline. Kane leaves the ring and tosses stairs around. He’s out of control.

– Commercial

Chin lock on Batista in the center of the ring. He works to his feet and hits a back elbow on Kane. A back elbow from Kane. A low dropkick to Batista’s bad knee. Kane wraps Batista’s knee around the bottom rope to wrench it. Kane drops a couple elbows on Batista’s knee. Kane drops Batista’s knee on his upper leg. Kane covers for two. Kane wrenches Batista’s knee while holding him down. Batista powers out and leaves the ring. Batista can barely stand. Kane sends him into the stairs a couple times. Kane rolls in the ring and slowly Batista rolls in. Batista tries to fight back. A knee to Batista stops him. “Batista” chants. Another lift to slam Batista down on his knee. Kane gets a knee hold on Batista. Batista rolls over and gets an arm bar on Kane. Kane writhes all over the mat but gets out. A chop block to Batista’s knee. Batista is able to hit a clothesline but lands hard on his knee. Both are down. Batista in a corner and Kane rushes him. Batista gets the good leg up to stop him. Batista is able to lift Kane and slam him down. Both are down again. They struggle up and Batista hits a drop toe hold into a corner. Batista slams Kane in a corner but the second time is caught. Batista manages a spine buster. He shakes the ropes but Kane slams into that knee again. Kane drags Batista to a corner and slams his knee into the ring post from outside. Kane gets a chair and slams it into Batista’s knee and the post. The bell rings.

– Winner: Batista via DQ

Kane slams the chair into Batista’s knee again. Kane enters with the chair but Batista kicks Kane and hits a spear. Batista grabs the chair and beats Kane with it. He drags Kane to the corner and pulls Kane into the ring post in a low blow. Batista beats Kane’s knee into the ring post with the hair until Batista drops in pain.

Biggest pop
Cryme Tyme
King & Hacksaw

Biggest heat