RAW Report 7/19/10 Tulsa, Oklahoma

January 18, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

This week’s post Money in The Bank RAW starts with music and pyro.

Stills from last night’s Cage Match. Sheamus won. That Nexus got involved. Tonight Wade Barrett will face Mark Henry, Nexus will not be allowed at ringside.

Justin announced that this is a Triple Threat to see who will face Sheamus for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. Orton’s out first. Jericho out to the ring next, right elbow taped. Edge out to face them.
Triple Threat – Edge Vs. Jericho Vs. Orton

They all stare around, circle, but then both at Orton. He did well, upper cut to Edge, but then Jericho attacked Orton from behind. Orton beaten down in a corner by Edge and Jericho. Orton to his feet and fought back. Edge outside and Orton on Jericho. Edge trips Orton from outside. Jericho works over Orton. Jericho then demands Edge work on Orton. “Randy!” chants. Edge and Jericho both beat down Orton. Orton to his feet. They try to double team Orton with a back body drop, but when they have him up, hold him high, Orton swings his feet down and nails them with a double DDT. Jericho rolls out, Orton pins Edge for two. Orton drops a knee to Edge’s head, then another. Kick to Edge’s chest, then a stomp. Orton stomps Edge, then gets him in a corner to work him over. Orton works the kidney area. Edge whipped, Orton read for an RKO, but Edge pushes Orton off and into a Jericho code breaker. Jericho pins Orton, Edge breaks it up. Edge and Jericho fight outside. Jericho slammed on announce face first.

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Jericho over Edge outside. Jericho grabs him by the back of the hair. Edge slammed face first on the barrier. Jericho on the apron, Orton knocks him off and into Edge. Orton limes them both up for double DDTs through the ropes. Edge gets free, Jericho eats it. Orton pins, Edge breaks it. Orton pulled out and slammed back first into the barrier by Edge. Edge in and pins Jericho for two. Punches to Orton’s face outside by Edge. “Randy” chants grow.

Edge rolls Orton in. Edge pins for two. Edge drops a knee on Orton. Forearms to Orton’s face. Edge to runt he ropes but Jericho trips from outside. Edge pulled out and Jericho in. Jericho tries to steal one, feet on the ropes, pins Orton. Orton kicks out. Chinlock on Orton in the center of the ring. Orton free, and nails Jericho with a couple clotheslines then that sick, fast scoop slam. (I wanna know who’s faster at that, Orton or Samoa Joe?)

Orton tries to DDT Jericho through the ropes, but lets him lose to nail Edge with two clotheslines then a backbreaker for two. Edge removed and Orton goes for that between the ropes DDT, but Jericho reverses. Jericho manages to lock on the walls. Orton in the center of the ring, clawing to get to the ropes. Jericho pulls Orton back to the center. Edge in and nails a DDT on Jericho for two. Edge then in a corner, Jericho in his sights. Jericho countered the spear and locks on the walls. Edge makes it to the ropes, Jericho has to break it. Edge rolls Jericho up for two. Edge clotheslines Jericho from the ring.

Orton in and tries for an RKO on Edge, Edge pushes out and slams Orton back for two. Edge runs to spear Orton, Jericho slams into him from the side. Orton rolls Jericho up for two. Edge rolls Orton up for two. All three clothesline each other. Jericho’s was to both. Jericho flips Edge out of the ring. Jericho counters the RKO. Orton moved out of the way of the lionsault. Orton sets up for the RKO. He hits it on Jericho, then Edge. Orton pins edge for three.

Winner – Randy Orton

Orton stares around at the carnage, then holds a rope and lets it sink in. Orton up on the corner with his famous pose and solid pop. Video of the RKOs and Orton’s pin. Orton’s still up on the corner looking around.

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Edge is still in the ring with a mic. He calls out Jericho. He demands Jericho come out. King says he’s been ranting the whole commercial, calling Jericho out to the ring. Edge says it’s gone on between them for too long.

Jericho comes out looking really pissed. Edge says it’s been eleven years. How many championships have they cost each other? How many injuries have they inflicted on each other? Ladder matches? How many years have they taken off each other’s careers? It has to end tonight! Jericho says finally, for the first time in eleven years they agree on something. It will end for Edge.

Jericho says he spoke with Wade and he said Jericho’s why Nexus has achieved what they have. Yeah. That’s right. As Wade’s former pro, Jericho taught him all this. If he snaps, Nexus will do what he wants. Nexus and him will not just take years of Edge’s career, they will end it. Does he understand? Edge says no. He doesn’t think Nexus would agree. If they knew what Edge had to offer, they’d take him up on it. Have no problem taking out a guy who’s claiming all their success for himself. They’re up in each other’s faces.

Of course Nexus comes out. All of the guys around the ring are on their feet, says King, just in case. Wade tells them to not argue amongst themselves. They’re veterans and highly respected. Nexus would be lucky to call either an ally. They’ve had successful, innovative, HOF careers. Nexus starts to surround them. Edge, Jericho is right. Nexus wouldn’t just take years of his career, they’d end it. Nexus and Jericho attack Edge. They took him down hard and stomped the heck out of him. Jericho’s yelling. They get Edge up, Skip spears him. Jericho yells down at Edge, then locks on the walls.

Nexus stands around and stares. Then Jericho sees them looking at him and lets go. He gets it. Wade then says, funny thing is, Edge is right. They’d like to shut up the guy who claims to be behind Nexus’ success. Jericho dives at Wade, but they’re all on him hard! They get Jericho down and beat on him. Wade on Jericho, throwing punches. Skip pulls Jericho up. Wade demands to know what Jericho taught him? Nothing! A forearm to Jericho’s face. Otunga nails a spine buster on Jericho. Wade straddles over Jericho and yells that Jericho didn’t teach him a thing. Huge heat for Nexus when they stomp up the ramp.

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Video of the attack on Edge. Then Nexus’ attack on Jericho.

Backstage Josh stops Nexus and asks Wade about having the most powerful group in the WWE. People are questioning if anyone in Nexus can favorably compete with Mark Henry. Wade asked Josh if he’s quaking in his boots. Josh says he is. Wade says Henry is too. Nexus is as great individually as together. Wade’s writing a new chapter in the WWE with Mark Henry. Josh leaves, but Sheamus is behind Wade. Sheamus says he’s there to propose something Wade will want to hear. Wade welcomes him into their locker room. Sheamus didn’t want to go in. Wade said to suit himself and left.

Cole then interviews Cena – Cole at announce, Cena backstage. The fans go wild when he’s on the tron. Cole talks about familiar carnage. Cena says it is, but he won’t whine. Wade said it would end if Cena shook his hand, but he didn’t. out of foolish pride, Cena thought he could stop him. He can’t, no one can. Jericho and Edge, tow of the biggest stars were attacked. Last night it was Cena and Sheamus, just because they could. Cena can see the writing on the wall. King asks what Cena’s saying? Cena wants to meet Wade and Nexus in the ring, he has something to say to them. King asks why? Cena says he has something to say. He’s saying if you can’t beat ‘em…

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Video of Cena teasing his possibly joining Nexus.

Eve out to the ring in the same orangey outfit she wore last night at MITB. Maryse out on Ted’s suited arm. His father’s strap over his shoulder. King talks about Maryse climbing the ladder last night.

Eve Vs.Maryse

Maryse removes a HUGE ring and hands it to the ref. Ted says he’s 27 and a self made millionaire. Well, it was handed to him. Maryse flaunted in front of Eve and was hit for it. Maryse fought back and choked Eve in the ropes. Maryse landed on Eve in the ropes. Eve is whipped but gets and elbow up, then a knee up. Eve pins, but Maryse’s foot was on the rope.

Winner – Eve

Ted in screaming at the ref. Ted all up in the ref’s business. Morrison in and takes Ted down hard. Morrison up and hits starship pain, but just barely. Only his left shoulder grazed Ted. Morrison stomps from the ring, backing up the ramp. Maryse helps Ted from the ring. Video of Maryse’s foot on the ropes and then Ted’s screaming and Morrison’s attack. More glaring and looks between Morrison and Ted.

Backstage Sheamus is heading for the ring.

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Sheamus out to the ring, some heat. He says to let the record show that he’s beaten Cena in a Tables Match, a Triple Threat Match and now a Cage Match. More heat for Sheamus. When he beat Cena the first time, they said it was a fluke. The second time was luck. The third time it’s dominance. About Cena? He’s to the back of the line and won’t get another title shot soon. He only has himself to blame. He found Wade, walked up to him and demanded a truce. Explained to Wade that no one had heard of Sheamus or Nexus. But like it or not, they’re the two most powerful entities in the WWE. They don’t have to like each other. He stays out of their business, they stay out of his. Wade agreed and it’s in effect. This is bad for Orton. The only way Orton can beat him is with Nexus interference. He’ll suffer the same fate as Cena and will sit back as he becomes the longest reining Champion of all time.

The Miz’s music. Miz comes out with a smirk on his face, gold on his waist and briefcase in hand. Miz into the ring and congratulates Sheamus. Now that he’s rid of Nexus, he has an even bigger problem, a Miz problem. Miz told Sheamus he doesn’t control the fate of the WWE Championship. Miz does. Why? Because he posses MITB. He can cash it in anytime he wants for a WWE Championship Match. Every time Sheamus’ is in the ring, Miz will be watching him. Let him put it in perspective for him. Say he does beat Orton at SS. As Sheamus’ gets his hand raised and Orton lands an RKO, Miz could be there. Or if he’s backstage, talking like a tough fella (Miz did a pretty good Irish accent), then bam! Miz hits him in the back with the briefcase, drag him to the ring with a ref and pins him on the spot. However, Miz waits, waits, waits to where his career’s leading him, to main event WM. Or he cashes it in tonight. Sheamus can call him his celebrity stalker. Because every breath he takes, every move he makes, Miz will be watching you. Many laughs from the fans. Miz say he’s the Miz and he’s… Sheamus cuts him off and says Miz is nothing. He’s Sheamus and he’s the WWE Champion. Sheamus then drops the mic and leave the ring looking like a petulant little boy.

Ding-Ding! Cole says he has an email from the GM and receives heat from the fans. “Should the Miz want to cash in his MITB contract tonight, GM suggests Miz takes a seat at ringside and watches this next match because Sheamus’ is in action right now against this guy…” Evan Bourne’s music. A ref comes out and won’t let Sheamus leave. Sheamus’ is pissed, Miz is all smiles. Miz sits in an announce chair with his briefcase in hand. Out comes Evan, taping on his way to the ring. Obviously not ready.

Evan Bourne Vs. Sheamus

Evan’s still tying his trunks when the bell rings. He ducks a big boot and keeps tying. Sheamus turns around into kicks to the legs and a knee to the jaw. Sheamus rolls out of the ring, slams his hands on announce and screams at Cole, blaming him for the match.

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Sheamus rolls from the ring. Evan out after him. Miz is ringside. More kicks to Sheamus in the ring. Sheamus telegraphs and gets kicked, but comes back with a clothesline. Sheamus pins Evan for two and shows his anger. Knees to Evan’s face in a corner. Sheamus rolls out, pulls Evan’s arm and leg around the post. The ref counts to four. Sheamus then slaps his chest and yells; he gets heat. Miz watches closely. Sheamus, with a smile, stands over Evan and stomps him. Forearms to Evan’s chest from behind. Sheamus then wrenches one Evan’s chin and arm. Evan pulled to his feet and gets a knee to the gut. Sheamus gets Evan up and nails a slam for two. Evan pulled up by his hair and slammed face first to the mat. More wrenching on Evan’s chin and arm.

Miz watches closely. Evan up kicks Sheamus’ leg, Sheamus fights back. Bitch slap to Evan in a corner. Evan kicks Sheamus in the head. Evan nails his boot to Sheamus’s jaw. Dropkick to Sheamus. Sheamus pulls Evan up, Evan monkey climbed over Sheamus and pinned him. Evan kicks Sheamus in the fans and climbs. Miz is ready to pounce. Sheamus rolls from the ring. Evan flies outside onto Sheamus. Miz to his feet. The ref starts to climb. Evan slammed down, his head nails a camera. Sheamus grabs the ref, moves him around and then kicks the rope into Evan’s gut behind the ref’s back. Big boot to Evan. Sheamus pins for three.

Winner – Sheamus

Miz claps his hand three times, Sheamus celebrates with his strap. Miz attacks form behind with his case. The gold flies. Miz hits Sheamus again with the case. Miz thinks about things. Miz tries to hit the SCF, Sheamus tries to fight out. Miz nails the SCF onto the case. Miz hands it over and the ref tries to make sure Sheamus’ is able to have a match. Miz is bouncing all over, wanting to get it going. R-Truth’s music and Miz calls off the match. He grabs his case and tries to flee. Miz gains the upper hand over R-Truth, then flees. Miz is pissed and up the ramp. R-Truth after Miz. Sheamus up to his bum and looks like he’s going to hurl (selling pretty well). Sheamus cant’ get to his feet, holds the ropes and looks kinda like spoiled mayo.

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Backstage Josh is with Miz. Miz says R-Truth cost him the WWE Championship. He has Sheamus out cold with this case. There will be other opportunities. He has an entire year. Either tomorrow night or July 17, 2011. Because he’s the Miz and he’s awesome.

King agrees Miz almost was Champion. Cole talks about classic SS match ups.

SummerSlam Recall – 1998, MSG – Taker Vs. Austin. Taker hurt Austin, then climbed. Taker took Austin through announce. Austin hit a low blow, then a stunner. Austin pinned Taker for three.

Backstage Sheamus walks along with ice on his head and a trainer telling him to take it slow. Kim and the Bellas were laughing and he yelled at them for laughing at him. Orton says what happened was too bad. The title puts a target on Sheamus. Come SS, if it’s Sheamus, Miz or whoever, they’ll be wearing a giant bullseye. He won’t hit is with an arrow, spear or bow. He’ll hit it with an RKO. The trainer makes Sheamus put the ice back on his head.

Cena staring off into space, backstage. He puts his hat on, still stares.

– Commercial

Regal and Zack Ryder are in the ring. Santino and Kozlov to the ring.

Santino & Kozlov Vs. Regal & Ryder

Ryder. Arm bar on Santino. Santino flipped out of the hold. Santino tried to do Tajiri’s into the ropes flip, then into a back elbow, but he fell over Ryder and landed on his bum. Ryder was confused. Santino tagged Kozlov in. Regal tagged in. Kozlov took Regal over and then tagged Santino in. Kozlov held Regal’s arm. Santino nailed Regal’s arm, but then Regal took Santino down. Clothesline to Santino for two. Ryder tags in, drops a knee for two. Chinlock on Santino. King says Kozlov is the brawn, Santino is the brains. Ryder slams Santino back to the mat. Ryder flew, Santino side stepped. Santino kicked Ryder off and tagged out. Kozlov slammed into Ryder, then Ryder into a corner face first. Kozlov kicked a leg straight out and into Ryder’s face. Kozlov slammed Ryder and pinned, but got up as Regal came in. Regal fled. Kozlov landed a spine buster on Ryder. Santino wanted the tag and got it. Santino did a back and forth move, like Rock’s ‘people’s elbow’, but saluted and landed on Ryder. Santino pinned for three.

Winners – Santino & Kozlov

Santino dances around, hugs Kozlov. Santino continues bouncing, Kozlov smiles.

Backstage Wade gives instructions to the rest of Nexus, then leaves for the ring.

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They put up one of those ‘Did You Know?’ things, but this one’s very cool, so I’m putting it in. ‘Cena’s Coffee Cup with a Cause’ Cena designed a new 7/11 coffee cut, and all proceeds will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. (Very cool from one who’s been all too close to Make-A-Wish numerous times for very personal reasons.)

Wade out to the ring. Wade gets huge heat. Mark Henry out to face him with a huge smile, then talking smack the whole way down. Henry has a boo-boo on his head from last night. Henry poses as gets pop.

Wade Barrett Vs. Mark Henry

The bell and Wade out of the ring, making the ref move Henry back. Wade in slowly and at Henry, but gets a head butt and rolls out. Wade glares in as the ref counts. Make Henry back off. Wade in and they lock up. Knee to Henry’s gut and he punches and hits Henry’s head, Henry just stares. Henry fights back with a couple punches, then Wade into the corner. Wade whipped, then walks out into a clothesline. Henry pins for two. Henry head butts Wade, to the back of the head. Wade head butts Henry to the front. Wade starts stomping at Henry’s leg, but then a scoop slam to Wade for two. Henry up to his feet, checking for blood. Henry pulls Wade by wrist and ankle. Henry starts getting up top. Nexus walks out to the stage and distracted Henry. Wade kicks Henry in the face, then pulls Henry onto his shoulders. Wade barely had Henry up and almost dropped Henry on his head, but managed to slam him down somehow and got the three.

Winner – Wade Barrett

Nexus, lined up on the stage, nods to Wade. Wade looks like he pulled every muscle in his back, but then went and stomped Henry. Henry rolled out; Nexus walked down to the ring slowly. They passed Henry and into the ring with Wade. “Nexus sucks!” chants. Wade says Cena wants a meeting with them? Here they are! Get out there, now. The fans are pissed. Video of Wade almost dropping Henry on his head, but then getting three.

Backstage Cena’s walking along, heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Nexus is standing around the ring. Video of Wade’s win over Henry. Tarver says to Cena they already made one truce tonight, but they give their word that they will hear them out. If Cena acknowledges that Nexus runs the show and understand if he continues his resistance, they’ll make his life miserable for the little time he has left if his little career. Why doesn’t Cena come out right now, show some remorse for assaulting Young a few years ago. For assaulting him and others with the steps last night. If he does, they may consider ending this. It’s all on Cena.

Cena’s music and he comes out looking upset and unhappy. He gets on the apron, about to speak, then stops. He thanks them. He thanks them for meeting him out there. Since Nexus has arrived he’s had two WWE championship matches. The first he lost the title, the second time he didn’t win it back. Apparently he’s not part of their bigger picture, so he doesn’t even know why. Earlier Sheamus made a truce with them, something Cena should have done a long time ago. Heat from the fans. He’s sorry. Looking at them all, man to man and asking for the same thing.

Wade says their answer is no. see Cena, they’re not interested in a truce or even an olive branch. He doesn’t want peace, but something much, much bigger. Huge “Cena” chants. Wade says no, no, no! Don’t listen to the fans, listen to him. Wade wants Cena to join them. The fans don’t like this. Wade wants Cena to become part of Nexus. Everything Cena’s achieved alone, he can get ten times that with them. Nexus is the present and future of the WWE. With them, they’ll be unstoppable. It’s not a big choice. You’re either Nexus, or against us. It’s up to Cena. Want to join and make history together? Huge heat from the fans. Cena looks down, then up at the fans, then at Nexus, then the fans again. Cena shook his head and said, nope, he can’t do it. Wade says how very, very unfortunate. Cena has two choices. He can leave the ring with his tail between his legs and show the world the coward he is. Or he can stay and take the most viscous beating Nexus has ever administered. Cena drops the mic and leaves the ring. King says he never thought he’d see this. Wade laughs, others point.

Cena gets to the stage and says wait, there’s one more thing for him to say. Something he’s said time and time again. Whether he does it himself, or he has help, he’ll take each and every one of them down. Cena walks slowly down. This little peace offering was a test. They sealed their fate. Ever since they came here and started beating people up, Cena quietly formed a team. The fans are wild! Cena says a team that will take down Nexus at SS. Wade’s pissed! Cena says they wanted him to join Nexus for Cena to make history? Tonight Cena wants them to meet his team and realize Nexus is history! Wade glares.

Edge’s music plays. He comes out, pulls his hair, glares, stands next to Cena. John Morrison’s music. He comes out, the front of his hair pulled back, jeans, no shirt. He stands on Cena’s other side. R-Truth’s music. He comes bouncing out, stands next to Edge. Khali’s music! He stomps out, Darren Young looked lost, Gabriel says, off mic, that it’s all right. Khali stands beside Morrison. Jericho’s music. He comes out and stands next to R-Truth. Cole calls it ‘The Cena Brigade’ and says it looks like an All Star Team. Cena smirks. Cena holds up a finger and says, off mic, one more. BRET ‘THE HITMAN’ HART! Cena leads the pack, running for the ring. Nexus flees through the crowd. The fans go wild as Nexus stands way up high in the arena. Cena and the rest yell up at them, talks smack, point, glare, etc.

Biggest pop
Bret Hart
‘Cena’s Brigade’

Biggest heat

Negatives –

I have to say I was very scared that Barrett was going to drop Mark Henry on his head. I get very nervous when people attempt things like that when they’re not strong enough or not ready. We’ve seen Cena get Big Show up like that and it was a struggle, but he obviously very comfortable doing it. Barrett didn’t look very sure of himself and made me bite my nails.

The other thing that annoyed me on this RAW was Cole calling Cena’s little group ‘The Cena Brigade’. If they continue calling the group that, I might just vomit.

I’m worried that Miz will get too wrapped up in the MITB that they won’t do anything with his US Championship. Hopefully he’ll have a short feud (R-Truth?) and drop the strap to someone deserving.

Positives –

Hello! Bret Hart! How can I not be thrilled? I didn’t read any spoilers and sure didn’t see that one coming! I don’t want to see Bret do much in this SummerSlam Match, but I’m so excited to see him back on WWE TV.

I also have to say I’m happy to see the likes of Edge, Jericho and a few others have a direction. I doubt it will last long after they take Nexus apart at SS, but it’s nice to see them have some direction now and aren’t trying to get in on the Championship match.

I will go out on a limb and predict that Nexus will be taken down at SS by Cena’s ragtag group.