Punk Teasing Super Secret Events, The #AJScandal, Ryback's First Action Figure

January 6, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

– WWE is really playing up the removal of AJ Lee as the General Manager of RAW. John Cena has been showing his support for AJ on Twitter all week. WWE is now encouraging fans to show their support for AJ on Twitter and Tout using the hashtag #AJScandal.

– WWE Champion CM Punk has dubbed November “Punktober 2” and told his Twitter followers that he has two “super secret” events planned:

“Two awesome events set for November, which has been renamed Punktober 2. Super secret events! #punktober rolls on…”

– Speaking of November, WWE announcer Matt Striker is teasing on Twitter that he might celebrate “Mo-vember” by growing out a mustache, which some men do to promote prostate cancer awareness.

– Ryback’s first WWE action figure was shown off this past weekend by Mattel at the Ringside Fest event in New York City. Mattel toy designer Bill Miekina told WWE.com that they have received a lot of positive feedback about Ryback.

* Picture of the First-Ever RYBACK Action Figure – FEEEED HIM MORE!