NXT UK Results (12/5): Jordan Devlin vs Flash Morgan Webster, Fabian Aichner Impresses, Isla Dawn In Action & More

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WWE NXT UK Results
December 5, 2018
Episode #13

— A graphic starts the show dedicating the broadcast to the memory of the late “Dynamite Kid”, Thomas Bellington, who passed away early this morning.


Wolfgang and the Coffey Brothers made their way to the ring, as we are informed that Pete Dunne is NOT here tonight. Joe Coffey claimed everything the people had been saying about them — ruthless, underhanded, etc. — is completely true, and NXT UK is now their kingdom. Wolfgang announces that they are collectively Gallus, which is the Lowland Scottish work for something like “confident” or “daring”.

Coffey called out British Strong Style, but was instead met by a returning Travis Banks. Eventually they taunt him enough and Banks rushes the ring, only to be met by a barrage of fists from Gallus. Mustache Mountain ran out to make the save, and the babyfaces sent their foes running up the entrance ramp.


That’s Mr. EVOLVE Champion Fabian Aichner to you lot… Except not really, because at the point of this taping he had yet to win the title. Andrews did some incredible lucha-style flying early on including a beautiful tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown into a big dive to the outside. Aichner caught him off a springboard with a huge backbreaker and slowed things down with submission holds, in particular working a deep leg scissors. Andrews battled back and rolled through a sunset flip into a double foot stomp. He went for another tilt-a-whirl, Aichner caught deadlifted him back into the air, but Andrews exploded into a Dragonrana for a very close nearfall. This is like watching a late ’90s Rey Mysterio highlight reel.

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Andrews tried to chop the bigger man down to size, slid under a big boot, but got turned inside out by a brutal clothesline. Aichner looked to put things away but yet again his opponent countered in mid-air, hitting the Stundog Millionaire. The high-flyer looked to do just that, but stopped mid-climb clutching his back. Aichner hit a Brainbuster, but even that wasn’t enough to put it away. Aichner crashed and burned looking for a Moonsault, and Andrews somehow hit another insane tilt-a-whirl DDT, even crazier than the last one.

Aichner dodged a double foot stomp and rolled to the floor, baiting his opponent out and throwing him hard into the steel ring steps. He connected with a running knee strike, drilling Andrews’ head into the steps, and demanded that the referee begin counting. Andrews kept stumbling, it looked like he was going to lose it, but managed to just barely roll back in before ten. Aichner wasted zero time, hoisted him up, and killed him with a brutal Last Ride Powerbomb. 1…2…3.

Winner: Fabian Aichner

— NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint announced that there was so much going on that he had appointed the injured Sid Scala to be Assistant to the General Manager. Rhea Ripley interrupted and demanded that they find the brand new NXT UK Women’s Champion some real competition. Scala says they will work diligently to find her an opponent, but Ripley pinches his cheeks and mocks him, telling Mr. Saint she didn’t much care for his hired help


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