Major RAW *SPOILER* Regarding The Identity Of Vince's "Bastard"

February 8, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

WWE RAW is taped this week the TV tapings took place last night. As part of the ongoing “Vince McMahon’s Bastard” storyline, a major new development took place at the show.

Despite weeks of speculation that Mr. Kennedy would be Vince’s child — it was revealed that Ken Kennedy is NOT Vince’s bastard child!

We’re told that Ken Kennedy absolutely was booked to be Vince’s bastard, but his suspension (for his connection to a corrupt Internet pharmacy) has lead WWE to change direction on yet another Vince McMahon angle.

This is a very tough break for Mr. Kennedy. First he was scheduled to win the SmackDown! Heavyweight Title and suffered a bad injury that left him sidelined for months and those plans had to be changed. Now, just as he was about to be the center of a major storyline that would have catapulted into true main event status. Unfortunately for Kennedy, he pulled the rug out from under himself this time.

**HUGE RAW SPOILER** – Vince’s Bastard – FULL RAW Results – Everything Explained!