Lance Hoyt Talks About His WWE Run, Training With Seth Rollins

December 11, 2020 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

Former WWE/TNA star Lance Archer recently appeared on the Two Man Power Trip Podcast to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights.

Overall feelings of joining WWE and how “Vance Archer” became his name:

Nothing but excited. Especially at that time and even now today it is the biggest company in the world and anybody that is in this wrestling business wants to be a top success in the biggest company in this world and that is what WWE is. Now there are a lot of “new” avenues that are amazing like New Japan, Ring of Honor, TNA is still there and I hope people give it a bit more of a chance and it could still be something special in the business. To be a part of WWE was a dream come true. For me, it was very exciting. The whole Vance Archer thing kind came around because they want to own the rights to that name and Vance is a play on my own name and Archer was my Dad’s name and that’s how I got the “Archer” thing even though the internet tried to explain that I was going to be doing a Robin Hood gimmick which I thought was extremely comical. It was a new challenge and a new opportunity.

The developmental class that was in FCW now being on top of the company:

Fun fact. I was Seth Rollins’s first WWE match in any capacity. So I guess it’s ok now that he’s heavyweight champion. Bray (Wyatt), talk about an amazing kid. I watched him and he was doing the different names and carried his father’s name. I watched him when they put him on the NXT product with the next name and he always did amazing things. He always worked extremely hard and always busted his butt. Both him and his brother Bo cut some amazing promos down there in FCW. We had our weekly promo day and everybody got up there and cut promos and everybody is trying to come up and say something intriguing and after an hour and a half or two hours people just didn’t care anymore and those two kids whether they were working on a promo together or doing it individually when they came up for a promo everyone in class stopped what they were doing because they just wanted to hear what they were going to say. To see the success he is having now, I am very proud of him. I was there when Sheamus just started to get out there and was just doing live events. You can name nearly everybody on the roster. I worked with Reigns when he was just starting out and just started hitting the ring and to see those guys progression and to know them and all of those guys were cool and I didn’t have a problem with anybody so I am proud of them and because of the good people they were when I knew them.

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