Kurt Angle Injured At Bound For Glory, Hulk Hogan Banged Up, Dixie Carter

January 17, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

– Hulk Hogan was visibly in pain backstage at Bound For Glory, moving around slowly after having back surgery just a few days ago.

– TNA President Dixie Carter posted a reaction to what happened last night at Bound For Glory .. She wrote on Twitter that the revelation of “They” was simply “Unbelievable.”

– TNA star Kurt Angle says he was injured during the main event of Bound For Glory and says “Screw Hogan” for playing politics in TNA … Angle wrote on Twitter:

“Despite re-dislocating my ribs and getting stiched up the match was awesome tonight!”

“But…I am the best wrestler in the world and I don’t do politics. If Hogan doesn’t want the best I’m done.”

“I proved I am the best.Screw hogan! Politics will effect wrestling.Why would hogan pick a kid like jeff?I eat sleep and sh#t wrestling. B.S.”

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(Partial Source: PWInsider.com)