Kevin Owens On Who WWE Draft Will Benefit The Most, Mick Foley & More

December 6, 2020 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens was recently involved in a conference call with various media members to help do his part to promote next Sunday’s WWE SummerSlam event.

This year’s WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view is scheduled to take place on Sunday, August 21, 2016 from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

On not being selected by RAW or SmackDown Live sooner during the WWE Draft:

“I was picked way later than I should have been. I mean, I understand not being picked before Roman Reigns or John Cena or Ambrose or Seth Rollins, those guys have been the figureheads of WWE for several years now. I even understand being picked above Charlotte, who was the Women’s Champion at the time, and who was the face of the Women’s division. Even Finn Balor, who was coming up from NXT – he’s a big deal. But being picked as late as I was was kind of a slap in the face, to be honest. But I’ll use it as motivation as to why I should be the face of RAW.”

On who he feels will benefit the most as a result of the draft:

“The only thing that matters to me is what I do and how I do it. You’re asking me who will emerge from the New Era. As humbly as I can put it, within a few months or a few years, people will see that I am the best thing on RAW, the best thing in WWE.”

On the RAW brand General Manager Mick Foley:

“I get to share RAW with him and I guess that will make for interesting television. I’m looking forward to our verbal jousts… unfortunately we’ll never be able to get in the ring together… cause I don’t think he’ll be able to walk out. Unless… we’ll here’s the challenge: Mick if you hear this then I’m all for it. Prove me wrong.”

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