Kevin Nash Goes On Twitter Rant While Watching Thursday's Impact Wrestling

December 31, 2020 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

Former TNA Impact Wrestling performer Kevin Nash went on a Twitter rant while watching Thursday night’s edition of Impact Wrestling on Spike TV.

Nash went off on TNA for their production, the creative direction of the company and the wrestlers themselves. Below is a collection of tweets from Nash’s official Twitter account, which you can follow at @RealKevinNash.

“Big Sexy” started off by saying:

Watching TNA why would you ever cut Velvet Sky out of a shot? I didnt hear a word Chris said after see was out of frame.TNA watch 16-35 ads

A few minutes later, Nash posted this one:

So unbelievable the TNA talent aren’t told to work the non populated hard camera

A few hours passed, and the former “Diesel” was at it again, saying:

TNA is out of cash and being on the road doesn’t get to slide payments for up to 4 months to show a profit as they did at Universal.

From there, Nash taalked about some of the talent, writing:

Anderson and Mickey James are up bet you don’t see them to after the first of the year.The dudes are playing on the deck.Enjoy the music

After that, a fan asked Nash the question, “How much longer do you give TNA before they begin to lose their top stars to the WWE?” Nash replied:

@texanfan2785 WWE won’t take them they didn’t build a multi-million dollar development complex to take in TNA talent.

Nash concluded with one final tweet, saying:

TNA had it’s highest ratings when Jeff was in charge. Steady decline except for the loaded Hogan live show.

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