Kenny Omega on possibility of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan in AEW

August 10, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

Image: AEW

During an interview on Wrestling Observer Radio, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega spoke on the possibility of working with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan in the near future.

“It’s cool for me to think I am going to get in the ring with them possibly,” Omega said. “Because they were so prominent in WWE…for me, as exciting as the wrestling part is, the ability to tell a story is more exciting for me.”

Omega said both are different performers that he respects in different ways. He called Bryan “incredibly intelligent and smart” as it relates to pro wrestling and put over how he was able to create the Yes Movement while in WWE. He said Punk has a different line of thinking than the average performer and that he has created a dedicated fanbase that believes he’s the best in the world. 

“Two extremely intelligent people who found a way to, I don’t want to say cheat the system, but it was a system that was not created for them there,” Omega said.

Omega has never wrestled Punk while he and Bryan shared the ring three times in 2008-09, twice in Ring of Honor and once in PWG. They have only wrestled in a singles match once in those three times with Bryan picking up the win at PWG One Hundred.

Rumors emerged last week on the same day that the two free agents were in discussions with AEW, possibly as part what is looking to be a record September with their debut in New York and New Jersey in addition to All Out week in Chicago.

During the two-hour conversation, Omega also said how he hopes Rampage will feature more women’s wrestling, how “The Belt Collector” character came to be, who he watched to help prepare him for this run, and why would he would never say it’s impossible that WWE could open their doors to other organizations.

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