JR Blog Report: Sting-WWE, Consolidating Title Belts, HBK, Divas & More

February 6, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

Source: JRsBarBQ.com

Good ‘ol Jim Ross is back with another blog report from his official website. Here are the wrestling-related highlights:

On how Jonathan Coachman and Michael Cole will do as the new Smackdown announce team: “How well Coach and Cole mesh will be determined over time, and how hard they work to get better and to become something special. If they simply show up and go on the air and do their show, then success may be challenging to achieve. If they spend extra time together and exchange ideas and concepts then success will come easier. In today’s marketplace, being a wrestling broadcaster is more challenging than ever before with so many more demands on the broadcasters as to how to present the products and to be more of a story teller than a play by play or color analyst. “

On talk of WWE producing a Sting DVD: “I hear the same thing. The WWE owns more Sting footage than anyone so the DVD should be excellent. Steve Borden, the man behind the paint, is a quality human being and his matches with Ric Flair in WCW were memorable, especially at the first Clash of Champions. The late 80’s and early 90’s were most likely Sting’s best years, creatively.”

On whether Ashley Massaro is staying on Raw or returning to Smackdown: “Last time I saw her she was on Raw, but for how long is anyone’s guess.”

On whether he views the ECW Title as a “legit” belt, and on the same level as the WWE and World Title belts: “Legit, yes. World Title, not yet.”

On whether WWE should only have one Tag Team Championship and one World Champion covering all brands: “I would have one tag team champion for the entire WWE and “maybe” only one WWE Champion, but that would need more thought. I do NOT think the brand extension is going away anytime soon.”

On comparing Shawn Michaels’ WWE run to that of Michael Jordan in the NBA: “Nice analogy as HBK came back after being away for approximately 4 years and picked right up where he left off, as one of the best in ring performers on the entire roster. That story is truly amazing when one really stops and thinks about it.”

On whether the Divas should “Up their game”: “We ALL can “up our game” including the Divas, who could stand to spend more time in the ring like their predecessors did, when they wrestled many, many consecutive days on the road to perfect their skills.”

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