JR Blog Report: Lesnar's UFC Loss, Lashley's Release, HBK-Hardy & More

February 5, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

Jim Ross is back with another blog entry from his official website, JRsBarBQ.com. You can read the entire post here. Here are the wrestling-related highlights from this entry:

– Next week’s Raw is highlighted by a really solid HBK vs Jeff Hardy one on one match. I think most fans of pure wrestling will like this particular main event. I know that after the show, while the King and I were sitting in the drive thru at Whataburger, the Hardy-Michaels match was one of the things we talked about, as it related to work.

– I have read where the WWE and Bobby Lashley have come to terms of a contractual release. I did not take the time to discuss this matter with any WWE officials the past few weeks, but things like this don’t surprise me now days as they perhaps once would have. Lashley is a genuine physical specimen who is supremely gifted athletically, but much like Brock Lesnar, Bobby apparently did not like the travel demands of being a pro wrestler in today’s marketplace, nor do I think that Bobby ever fully understood the business of sports entertainment, which added to Lashley’s consternation at times. Financially, Bobby had a superb, hell fantastic, 2007, one of the best I can ever recall for any one at his stage of the game. In my personal opinion, if a pundit speculates that Bobby did not do well or wasn’t treated fairly financially, I would dispute that uninformed statement wholeheartedly. Bobby is apparently in a relationship with Krystal Marshall, another former WWE performer, and I wish them well. The business of sports entertainment isn’t for everyone and sometimes people don’t realize that until they have put in some time on the road and spending in the locker room community. My personal philosophy is that “wrestling relationships” rarely, not never, but rarely make it long term and if it is true that Lashley and Marshall want to have a life together, perhaps being in another line of work will work better for them. Lashley vs. Lesnar some day in the UFC is intriguing, as Bobby definitely has the background to have a fighting chance to make it as a MMA star, if Lashley chooses to go that route, with the proper training. But that’s just me doing some fantasy booking.

– Paul London’s foot injury apparently is not 100% healed, from what I hear, but I would love to see London ready to rock and team with Brian Kendrick, with the hopes that they might get on a “roll”. With the duos of Holly/Rhodes, Cade/Murdoch, and Carlito/Marella all getting some TV time, the possibility of seeing some competitive tag team wrestling on Monday Night Raw seems to be improving.

– Many of the Raw superstars took ample supplies of J.R.’s Beef Jerky with them on this upcoming, long road trip that will see many of them travel to Alaska, South Korea, Japan, Hawaii, California, Nevada and back to California, before they get to make it home. There is not a damn thing glamorous about international travel these days, but it actually should be a fun trip if one chooses to make it such. I think the WWE Superstars get two days in Hawaii, which can’t be all bad. Perhaps some of the WWE superstars will cross paths with Bret “The Hitman” Hart who is spending some quality time at his place in Hawaii. Bret recently sent me a copy of his book and it was postmarked from “the islands.” I can name many WWE Superstars who would benefit from sitting under the Hitman’s learning tree for a few hours.

– Not much fallout from the Brock Lesnar loss to Frank Mir, or so it seems. Lesnar has said the right things since losing by tapout and Brock’s UFC future is still bright, but a nice win in 2008 would not hurt his cause. I talked to Stone Cold Monday morning and he said he enjoyed his Vegas weekend including staying there to watch the Super Bowl. Steve said that it was obvious that Lesnar was in awesome shape, had prepared diligently, but he simply made a simple mistake that any “rookie” would and could make in MMA competition. All my friends that attended the UFC 81 event said without question that Lesnar was the “star attraction” of the night and that most fans were there to see him, especially many of the celebs in attendance.

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