Jim Ross's Post-Draft Analysis: Miz, Jericho, SmackDown vs. RAW

January 29, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

Jim Ross has posted a new blog over at JRsBarBQ.com where he talks about the aftermath of the WWE Draft and how the drafted talent is doing on their new brands, Raw vs. SmackDown & more. Some highlights:

– The Miz had another strong outing. He’s got the verbal skills to become a main eventer. Big story will be how he produces bell to bell & Miz’ weekly evolution.

– SD in Pitt had a challenging time following last week’s MSG show. Jeff vs Jericho highlights Friday night but Punk vs Edge isn’t bad plus Edge does commentary for the Hardy-Y2J contest & Edge is excellent.

– Mike Knox debuts Friday night and the younger version of Bruiser Brody, to some of us, had a solid first night. I need to hear Knox talk to get to know his persona better.

– Jericho’s movement to SD has been executed excellently. Jericho-Mysterio looks to be on the horizon. Nice.

– Charlie Haas had his most aggressive outing on SD that I have seen him have in years. Plus Shelton Benjamin showed more passion, and he didn’t even wrestle, than I’ve seen from him in a LONG time. It was a good nite in that regard for the former tag partners.

– SD is a solid program this Friday night, but I can’t say it’s better them our show from MSG last week which was special. I still think SD kicks Raw’s ass but that’s just one man’s biased opinion.

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