India Lee wins Cagliari World Cup in Italy

March 15, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

The course of victory was set when she broke away from the leading group of 15 women on the bike leg and laid out a pace that nobody could match as she broke away from the group.


Teammate Taylor-Brown attempted to go with her, while the chase followed 25 seconds behind, but on the bell lap it was only Lee who managed to keep the chase at bay while Taylor-Brown fell back to the large pack.

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From there, it was no stopping Lee, as she dropped off her bike and shot out to the run. Despite running a few extra metres on the back of the first lap, which saw her lead dwindle from from 42 seconds to 37, the mistake wasn’t enough to cause her the win.

Germany’s Lisa Sieburger secured second after fighting her way back into the race on a challenging bike course, while bronze went to Austria’s Lisa Perterer.