In Name of Patient Safety and Future of National Healthcare, UK Doctors Strike

October 6, 2020 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

Tens of thousands of junior doctors across the United Kingdom joined in strikes and pickets on Tuesday, protesting what they describe as “a fundamental breakdown in trust…for which the government is directly responsible.”

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The strike stems from a dispute over pay and working conditions, weekend shifts in particular. The junior doctors—a term that covers medical professionals with as much as a decade of experience—say the government is trying to impose a new contract that leaves them overworked and their patients vulnerable. 

The Independent explains: “The new contract would see a cut to out-of-hours pay, in return for an 11 percent basic pay increase. Junior doctors fear they will end up working more hours, for less, and are also concerned the contract will water down safeguards that prevent them working excessive hours.”

What’s more, junior doctor Hugo Farne wrote at the New Statesman:

New polling has shown that two-thirds of the general public supports junior doctors walking out from all but emergency care, in what has been called the UK’s “most significant strike by medical staff in 40 years.”