Impact Wrestling Results (10/29): World Title Steel Cage Match, Ken Shamrock’s Future Revealed!


Impact Wrestling Results
October 29, 2019
Windsor, Ontario

Josh Matthews and Don Callis welcome us to the first ever episode of Impact on AXS TV, after a great video package that talks about the history of the promotion and showcasing all the new talent that will lead the show into its next generation.


Alexander is out with his tag team partner Ethan Page. After a bit of back-and-forth grappling Alexander gets frustrated and tries for some strikes, but Marufuji lights him up. The tag team champion slows things down for a beat, taking the action to the mat and keeping his opponent grounded. He lays in some knees to the midsection before connecting with a nasty backbreaker for two. Finally Marufuji rallies and starts going crazy with chops and kicks in the corner, before connecting with a big roundhouse kick for a nearfall.

They’re both slow getting to their feet and Alexander makes the mistake of trying to trade strikes, as his chest quickly turns into hamburger meat. Maru hits a hook kick but gets caught in a Torture Rack spinning slam for an en extremely close nearfall. Fingertips away. Alexander looks for the Angel’s Wings but Maru struggles free and hits a series of superkicks, and another hook kick. Sliced Bread #2 connects, and this one is over. Great opening match!

Winner: Naomichi Marufuji

oVe is seen walking into the building together with their luggage. Dave Crist has headphones on and is singing obnoxiously, because he’s a national treasure. Security approaches and tells them that the Crists and Madman Fulton are banned from the building tonight to ensure the main event is a fair fight. Fulton tries to murder the guards but Callihan calls him off and tells oVe to take the night off.

We head to the Rascalz Treehouse where Dez is describing a woman with long legs and big ole… Trey is here, and Wentz says they’re talking about his mom. Fallah Bahh shows up and tries to talk, but just keeps saying “Bahh!” and looks frustrated. Next thing you know there’s smoke everywhere and they’re all blazed, and Bahh has glasses on, and is talking about William Shakespeare! He says he needs to be true to himself, just like the Rascalz are true to themselves. This is incredible.


Things pretty quickly break down and the ref loses control of the action. Jordynne and Rosemary start delivering corner splashes over and over until Taya breaks it up and we head to commercial. When we come back Nicole hits a missile dropkick on Rayne, but the rest of the heels attack her from behind and put the boots to her in the corner. Hogan tags in and starts drilling her with knees to the jaw and hits a hurricanrana from the second rope.

It looks like she actually hurt her arm off the move as the referee throws up the “X” and the action stops as they check on her. She does her best to play it off like it was a trap, tagging in Taya, but Hogan is legitimately hurt with a shoulder injury. Grace makes the hot tag and starts delivering a dozen forearm shots to the champ. She hits a double stomp out of the corner and follows with the Vader Bomb, but Madison Rayne breaks it up, only to get tossed over the ropes with ease. Taya wants the tag but there’s nobody there, and gets rolled up with an inside cradle for three.

Winners: Jordynne Grace, Rosemary & Alexia Nicole


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