Hornswoggle On His WWE Release, Wellness Policy Failure & More

December 9, 2020 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

Hornswoggle (Dylan Postl) recently appeared as a guest on Jim Ross’ weekly “Ross Report” podcast at PodcastOne.com and spoke about his WWE departure at length. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On knowing his WWE release was coming before it happened:

“I wish it was a matter of [WWE] not renewing [the contract], but I had about a year left on the current contract, so they let me go just like all the other guys and gal. I’ve been off the road for actually a little over a year, so I knew [the release] was coming. Knowing it’s coming and it actually happening are two completely different things [though].”

On Brian “Curt Hawkins” Myers being a “godsend” for helping him get bookings:

“Curt Hawkins [also known as] Brian Myers, he has been a godsend. He’s my best friend in this business. Him and Kofi [Kingston] are my two best friends from this business and Brian has gotten me out there and he [has] really helped me. Like I said, he’s a godsend. The minute [the release] happened, I texted him. I called him, actually. I was a bag of nerves for sure and emotions and all that. He assured me that [I’m] going to be fine and he took care of me. He set me up with about 10 or 12 dates within three hours, it seemed. I owe a lot to him at this point.”

On if he ever considered leaving WWE in the past:

“I would like to say ‘no’, but you often think, especially when you’re sitting in that just kind of floating around and not being used and that stuff, you always happen to think at times, ‘am I happy? Am I truly happy?’ And I was providing for my son and that’s what matters. If the bills, as one Steve Austin said, ‘those things that come in the mail called bills’, if they’re getting paid, that’s what matters in the end and they were getting paid. It was very frustrating at times, things getting shot down or ‘I don’t think that’s the way we want to go right now’. ‘Okay, if not right now, when?’ And it goes unanswered, kind of thing. But did I think about [leaving WWE]? Yeah, but it would have been a very dumb move on my part.”

On failing a WWE Wellness Policy in the past and the story behind it:

“I couldn’t pee very simply. I couldn’t pee for the test in the allotted time and that was against the Wellness Policy. I get that. I fully agree. My only gripe was the wording of it. When you say it’s a failure of the Wellness Policy, it comes off as I’m a drug user and that is something I am not. I’m not a drug user. I don’t do that. I have a son at home and that’s what really upset me is that it got put off as though I’m a drug user. And I have a son and a future to look forward to, so I just think the wording could have been a lot better.”

“I am fully on board with the Wellness Policy. Even after being suspended by it, I’m fully on board with it. I think it’s really keeping people healthy in general. Yeah, 100% I think it is [working]. I really do.”

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