Honky Tonk Man Talks WWE Hall of Fame, Scotty Goldman Update, "The Wrestler"

January 30, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

— In an interview with the Ottawa Sun, wrestling legend The Honky Tonk Man says he will be Houston for Wrestlemania 25 and the WWE Hall of Fame ceremonies. However, if he’s going to be inducted, he says hasn’t heard about it yet. “I’ll be present at the Hall of Fame, just watching,” he says.

If he ever got the call: “It’d be quite an honour … to be in there with the legends of wrestling and the entertainment business,” Honky Tonk Man says. “But when you start comparing yourself to Harley Race, Dory and Terry Funk and Nick Bockwinkel … I don’t put myself on that same level.”

He also comments on his recent return to television in a program with Santino Marella. “It was great,” says Honky Tonk Man. “I wish he’d lasted longer (as Intercontinental champion). It would have been good to go to Wrestlemania and maybe have a real match with him.”

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— Following his release from World Wrestling Entertainment this past Friday, Colt Cabana is now available through Premier Bookings. The following press release was issued late Friday:

World Wrestling Entertainment released SmackDown Superstar Scotty Goldman (Scott Colton) as of (Today) February 20, 2009.

Scotty Goldman, was part of the Smackdown brand, and was hosting a web series on WWE. com. “Whats Crackin with Scotty Goldman”. He made his final WWE appearance on tonight’s Smackdown in a match with Umaga.

Scott was well known by many wrestling fans before signing with WWE during his time with Ring of Honor as Colt Cabana and later with the MTV “Wrestling Society X” promotion as Matt Classic.

Scott (Scotty Goldman) is going back to his former well known “Persona” COLT CABANA and is available for bookings now, please contact us by email at Jayson@ewfarena.com or call us at 765-243-9334.

— The sports comeback tale The Wrestler was picked as best picture Saturday at the Spirit Awards honoring independent film and won two other prizes, including best actor for Mickey Rourke. To read an article, click here.

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