Finn Balor Discusses Not Being Happy On Raw & SmackDown


WWE NXT Superstar, Finn Balor recently spoke with WWE’s After The Bell podcast where he admitted that he wasn’t happy on Raw and SmackDown. Below are some highlights with a H/T to for the transcriptions.

Balor made a surprise return to WWE NXT earlier on this year after taking some time off from wrestling to get married, and he admitted he wasn’t happy with what he was doing prior to that.

“It came to be a couple of months ago. Things weren’t going kind of as smoothly – well, I don’t want to say ‘as smoothly’. I just wasn’t happy where I was at on RAW and SmackDown; I had a conversation with Hunter, we pinged some ideas back and forth, I took a little time off and came back in NXT. It’s all been awesome since,” Finn explained.

Despite the fact that Balor wasn’t happy with where he was at the end of his run on the ‘main roster,’ he did state that he wouldn’t change having been part of those shows.

“I wouldn’t change anything because I learned so much. It’s almost like a growing process; you have to go through those growing pains to get to where I am now,” Finn said. “And everyone’s been through those times in their career, and everybody’s been through s–tty times in their lives. And I don’t want to say it was a s–tty time but it was a time that looking back now, I learned more than anything on those three years on RAW and SmackDown. So, I wouldn’t necessarily change anything but I learned a lot from it and I can take that forward. I’ve still got another, I believe, like eight years left in me. Not a lot of people have been fortunate enough to have done what I’ve done so fast.”

Balor also spoke about a potential Bullet Club reunion in WWE, but that is something that Balor has no interest in doing.

“Everyone talks about the ‘Bullet Club reunion’ but off-camera, we’re still boys. So whether it happens on screen or not? I don’t know,” Finn admitted. “It’s one of those things where it almost, nearly happens and then doesn’t. Is that cooler? Or will it be the case where if we give it to them, its, ‘Uh, that was it? I was hoping it was going to be cooler than that.’ And we keep talking about this five years I’ve been in WWE – that Bullet Club stuff, for me, is six or seven years ago. So, trying to go back in time that far for me is – I’d rather come up with something new, create something new, create something fresh that people can talk about that can leave another legacy and another chapter of my career. Hopefully that’s what we can do at NXT.”

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After The Bell

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