Eric Bischoff Says He & Hulk Hogan Have 2-Year Contracts With TNA

January 18, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

Following yesterday’s Hogan-Bischoff-Twitter debacle where a Hogan impostor claimed he and Bischoff were leaving TNA, Eric Bischoff (the real one) is setting the record straight. In comments made exclusively to Slam.Canoe.Ca, Bischoff confirmed that he and Hulk Hogan are still with TNA and will be until 2012.

“ I am with TNA,” Bischoff said. “Hulk Hogan is still with TNA. We have a contract for two years, and we plan on fulfilling our contract.”

After Twitter user realhulk_hogan admitted to not being the real Hulk Hogan – the user claimed to be a disgruntled TNA employee upset with Bischoff’s performance and said TNA’s top stars were planning a walk-out if Bischoff isn’t removed from power. Bischoff, however, does not believe the fake Hogan is a TNA employee at all.

“It is probably a 16-year-old dweeb that doesn’t have anything better to do,” Bischoff said “I am 99% sure that there is no validity behind it and the person does not work for TNA.”

The owner of the fake Hogan account, who has over 4,000 followers, now claims to be Christopher Daniels and is urging people to “Unfollow @TNADixie if you don’t agree with the current direction in TNA.”

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