Edge & Christian Discuss Whether Christian Will Be A Hall Of Famer, Analyse This Year’s Inductees

September 3, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

During their latest E&C Pod Of Awesomeness, Edge and Christian discussed some of this years WWE Hall Of Fame inductees and if Christian will ever enter. Below are some highlights of their discussion, with a h/t to Rajah.com for the transcription.

On Inducting the Dudley Boyz


“Actually, the news broke by Bubba Ray Dudley on Busted Open Radio with me as the guest. I didn’t know he was going to do it. He got the pop himself and it has now been officially confirmed by WWE today as we’re recording this that we will be inducting The Dudley Boyz. Yeah!”


“We were very honored that they asked us to do it, and, obviously, we’ve talked about it many times in the past. All three teams will always be linked. If you think of the Dudleys, you think of Edge and Christian and The Hardy Boyz, and vice versa with all those other teams. We helped to put each other on the map and the feud with us and the Hardys really took off when those guys showed up. My phone rings immediately after [Edge’s phone rang] and it says, ‘Melbourne, Florida.’ And I’m like, ‘do we know anybody in Melbourne?’ I’m like, ‘your phone rang and then mine did. Should I answer it?’ and [Edge] is like, ‘yeah, yeah, you should answer it!’ So I answered it. It was D-Von. We had a nice conversation and he said he tried to call [Edge], so I said, ‘oh, I’ll pass him to you. He didn’t want to talk to you earlier.’”

Will Christian Enter The HOF


“Is this the last year of the Hall Of Fame because if it’s not this year, then it’s never going to happen? No, I appreciate it too. Like, I get it a lot. I see it, and I read it, and I appreciate people wanting me to be in there. It’s one of those things. I don’t know. Yeah, it’s not a race. I’m not worried about it. I don’t think about it that often, so it is what it is.”


“Now, everybody’s like, ‘when’s Christian going? When’s Christian going?’ That’s all I see [on social media]. One thing I’ve found with the [WWE] Hall Of Fame is people are never going to be happy, like from a fanbase, there is always going to be something that they b—h and moan about. [Christian]’s going to go in. Chyna’s going to go in. Luna Vachon will go in. And it might not be the, ‘why is Paul Heyman not in?’ Just shut up and enjoy it. It’s going to be fun. Everybody enjoy it and just appreciate who is going in that night because it’s a pretty cool class that’s going in. Mark Henry also got in, so it’s fun! To me, it’s just a fun night to enjoy and wear a monkey suit for the night.”

Mark Henry Being Inducted


“I’m happy for Mark too. Mark’s a good dude. I always got along well with Mark. He always had a smile on his face whenever I’d talk to him. Funny guy and obviously had a long, tenured career and really those last few years when he hit his stride, he was kind of one of those late bloomers, right? When he went on that tear with the world title, it’s like, ‘man, that was the Mark Henry everyone [was]waiting to see’ and he kind of put his mark, his stamp, on the company. Mark was doing some of his best work, the best work of his career and earned every right that he had to be world champion and work in that main event spot.”

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E&C Pod Of Awesomeness

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