Does RVD Own His Ring Name?, RVD/Snitsky Feud, Sabu's Release

February 10, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS


Dave Meltzer stated on Bryan Alvarez’s Figure Four Daily audio update last night that Robert Szatowski does indeed own the rights to his ring name, Rob Van Dam. There had been speculation that Szatowski had signed his ring name over to WWE. Szatowksi can wrestle as Rob Van Dam outside of World Wrestling Entertainment. As things stand now, RVD is scheduled to finish up his WWE obligations at the One Night Stand PPV in nine days.

It pretty much goes without saying that RVD’s final opponent in WWE will be the yellow-toothed Snitsky. There is an article on which says that RVD wants to be the man to end Snitsky’s reign of terror. In the article, RVD said, “Tommy has broken his back and his neck for ECW. He is a man who truly loves and respects this business. He doesn’t deserve to have someone like Snitsky try to permanently take him out. You see a lot of guys these days who don’t have respect for the business or the people who have been trailblazers in this business. Look at what Randy Orton did to Shawn Michaels. He took advantage of a man’s injury on both Raw and Judgment Day, and now a legendary career may be over. It’s disgusting. Someone needs to stand up and that someone is me, Rob Van Dam.”

Sabu was released when he showed up for ECW TV last week with no gear and in no condition to perform. The word on his release was that he was basically asking to be fired. He’d been on the bubble forever, and the feeling was that he’d probably make it through WrestleMania because they wanted him to induct Sheik into the Hall of Fame, and after that his future was anyone’s guess. Once it became clear that RVD was likely leaving, his WWE future looked bleak.

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