Did John Cena Retire The World Heavyweight Title On RAW?

December 21, 2020 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

Following Monday’s episode of WWE RAW, there’s been a lot of speculation that the “big gold” World Heavyweight championship belt is being retired.

During the opening segment, John Cena did a hard sell for the WWE Network, told fans there’s one major reason to order the Network and held up the WWE Championship belt. Later in the show, after Ric Flair cut a promo, John Cena greeted him on the stage and presented him with the World Heavyweight title. He told Flair to “keep it” and went to the ring with just the WWE Championshipb elt.

Later in the night, JBL made reference to there being “only one title” now.

While it’s not official that the World Heavyweight title belt is retired, it’s been speculated that WWE will be replacing the two current WWE World Heavyweight Championship belts with an updated WWE Championship belt sporting the new company logo.

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