Dean Ambrose vs. William Regal Tonight At FCW's Final TV Tapings

January 9, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

Tonight will mark the end of an era, as WWE’s developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling holds its final television taping.

The main event of tonight’s show will feature a grudge match between Dean Ambrose and William Regal.

Regal tweeted the following on Wednesday night about their match:

“Dear Dean,in only a few hours our lives will change.For what I am about to do to you may my children forgive me.William.@TheDeanAmbrose”

Ambrose has been taunting Regal on Twitter all week, explaining how he intends to pick him apart piece by piece:

“June 7, Tampa. It will be difficult to watch,bad people doing terrible things, violent, ugly, uncomfortable. Me vs @realkingregal.”

“He’s gonna try to finish the job he did on my shoulder,the gimmick shoulder that cost me the fcw title @BrandonTheKing @RealKingRegal”

“My goal is to punch him in the mouth repeatedly, until I’m sure that he will have to go get dentures soon after his broken nose is fixed.”

On Wednesday night, with just hours remaining before their match, Ambrose wrote:

“Only one guys gonna walk away tomorrow night. I’m in a place right now you would never wanna be.

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, who is at FCW this week and will be calling tonight’s Ambrose vs. Regal math along with Dusty Rhodes, tweeted this on Thursday morning:

“HUGE day @ FCW. Newest kids will get awaited info while final TV taping @ FCW facility starts @ 7 tonight. Dream & I calling Ambrose-Regal.”