Cody on The Rhodes Family Teaming Together at Battleground, Seth Rollins 2K18 Dream Match Videos

September 28, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

Photo Credit: AXS TV

Cody Rhodes on The Rhodes Family Teaming Together at Battleground

Ring of Honor Champion Cody Rhodes recently spoke with ahead of this weekend’s ROH Global Wars PPV, and below is an excerpt from the interview:

Q: What are your memories of that Battleground match in Buffalo, which was the first time the Rhodes family teamed together? 

A: Going into it, I felt completely different than when I was coming out of it. There was a lot of high stress at the time. It was almost uncomfortable, because I was working really hard to garner my own spotlight and getting away from the family. But then, obviously, it became a magical moment. It’s a great learning experience when you’re busting it for 20 minutes, and then my dad just does the elbow. That was the thing that got the people to stand up for the remainder of the match. Grab an apple, because you’re going to school. It was really special, and looking back on it, it’s a tremendous memory. Our family looks at it as Dusty’s last stand. He could barely get up the steps, but on that night, it didn’t matter. There are so many great things about Buffalo, but honestly, that one will always jump to number one.

Seth Rollins 2K18 Dream Match Videos

WWE has released the following videos, featuring WWE 2K18 renditions of some of Seth Rollins’ personal dream matches and opponents in WWE:

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