Chris Jericho Discusses Greatest Royal Rumble Match Change, Talks In Detail About Saudi Arabia Travel

August 9, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

WWE legend, Chris Jericho recently spoke with Inside The Ropes where he discussed, in detail, his experiences from Saudi Arabia earlier this year.

On his match-changing:

“I got a call to be in the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia and I had no interest, then was offered a certain amount, I never do anything for money but sometimes you are a moron if you don’t. A month later I get a text from Vince asking if I want to work a casket match against Undertaker. I would kill it with Undertaker. I called Vince to tell him about this Naito thing, he was really into it, then three or four hours later I get a text, Rusev is back in the casket match.

“He said that the Prince wanted Rusev in the match but I would think knowing Vince and that New Japan is now an enemy, is it an enemy that will make a difference? No, but if they take one buy from the Network, that’s the enemy. I think he thought I am not going to put Jericho in a highlight match where he could steal the show if he is going to turn up in New Japan and I think that’s the right call.”

His Saudi Arabia Experience

“It’s a very strange place. That trip was so long, we fly all this way, you land, get to the hotel and I just stayed in bed and chilled out. We had to be at the arena for 9 am, the show was at 6 pm, I am number 50 which means I start at 11 pm. This stadium is like a roman empire stadium, there’s nothing to do.

“I do the match, I was in it for like four minutes and I was literally laughing. 5 am was my bus call, it was me Finlay, Kidman, Jamie Noble and Adam Pearce, there’s combined, 200 years of experience between all of us. We get dropped off at the terminal and we walk off like morons, people are very touchy-feely, everyone wants a selfie. I was starting to get angry and they are all coming for me because I am the only guy that they know.

“I asked for British Airways and he said it wasn’t there, we were 45 minutes away, we got dropped off at the wrong airport, all of us like morons with 200 years experience just got off. We asked for a taxi they took us to the rent-a-car place, we got to the other airport and it’s one giant line and it’s big. The money that I made I was starting to think, this is not worth it, I don’t want to come back here.”

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