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The Emoji Movie Misses the Point of Emoji

If you’ve ever sent ?? or ??? to a crush, you know emoji often carry far more than their intended meanings. A ☺️ is still a ☺️, but a ?? An ?? They contain multitudes of meaning. The beauty—and potential peril—of emoji lies in the fact they are so wildly open to interpretation. This idea…

By PENTICTONLAWYERS March 20, 2019 0

Rebuilding—and Recording With—the 1920s Technology That Changed American Music Forever

Without the recording lathe, Willie Nelson would have never heard the Carter Family sing. Neither would Merle Haggard or Johnny Cash. These portable machines toured the country in the 1920s, visiting rural communities like Poor Valley, West Virginia, and introducing musicians like the Carter Family to new audiences. This remarkable technology forever changed how people…

By PENTICTONLAWYERS March 20, 2019 0