Braun Strowman Discusses His Relationship with Vince McMahon, News for Tonight’s WWE 205 Live

September 23, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

While no matches have been announced for tonight’s WWE 205 Live. is hyping Cedric Alexander heading into tonight following his big win on Raw last night. is also questioning whether or not Nia Jax has become a distraction for Enzo Amore, and below are two excerpts from the 205 Live preview for tonight:

“Ready to seize the opportunity that awaits, Gulak is the perfect opponent for Alexander given the circumstances. After all, it was Gulak who prevented Alexander from winning last week’s Fatal 4-Way Match. Will Alexander show Gulak and The Realest Champ in the Room exactly what they are up against, or will The Zo Train strike first?”

“With Gulak and Cedric Alexander set to battle next week on Raw for an opportunity to challenge Enzo for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, is Nia’s presence causing The Realest Champ in the Room to lose focus before such a major challenge?”

Braun Strowman On His Relationship with Vince McMahon

WWE Raw star Braun Strowman recently spoke with The Metro, and below are some interview highlights:

You must be a dream for someone like Vince McMahon? Tall, strong, agile and with a distinct look?

“Vince is very keen on the larger than life human beings, especially because of the shock and awe value. Even before I was a WWE Superstar, when I walk into a room I don’t care who is in there, I take focal point. People stop what they’re doing to look at me when I walk in, and now they can put a name to it.

That’s been a huge factor in WWE since the beginning of the company. It’s a huge favour for me that I’m larger than life and having these genetics and the look that Vince likes.

But it’s more than a look, there’s a lot of guys that look big and tough but being able to put that into play in WWE is difficult.

Being able to go out there night after night and work with people and not injuring and hurting people, that was a big thing when I first came in that I had beat into my head from developmental.

I have to be one big strong rough and tough guy, but at the same time, I have to be safe. If I’m not safe no-one is going to want to work for me.

Vince has seen how hard I want to be good at this, and how much I want to succeed. I’m going to be a WWE Hall of Famer when it’s all said and done, in my mind that’s what I want to do.

I want to main event Wrestlemania, and I think that shows through to Vince, and is why he’s been in my corner, because he knows I want to be the best I can be.

I’m not a fly by night guy, I want to be remembered forever as Braun Strowman, the monster among men.”

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