Backstage Details on WWE Scheduling Changes When Smackdown Moves to Friday

November 24, 2020 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

— One of the issues that WWE will have to work out once the deal for Smackdown with Fox goes into effect is the new schedule that would have to go into effect for both Smackdown talent and crew. In the past, some people had requested to be on the Smackdown crew instead of Raw because they had teenage sons who played football and this crew never worked on Friday. That all changes now with the Friday being an actual live Smackdown.

— Another change will be that as it stands right now, Friday – being the first day of the cycle – would be a live show as opposed to the way it currently is where the cycle starts with house shows and then culminates on Tuesdays with Smackdown. What this will mean is a change in the travel schedule for everyone because WWE wants all personnel at the arena early, often several hours before the show at the latest whereas for house shows, the talent can just arrive in the evening for the event.

— This would mean that wrestlers would likely have to leave Thursday in order to get to the arena by Friday afternoon and it would also mean not getting back home by Tuesday. One option would be to do a Thursday to Sunday schedule, with a house show to start off, then Smackdown and then house shows to end as this would eliminate one day (Monday) at the end of the cycle for them to be able to get back home. This would also avoid a live event going head-to-head against Raw. In any case, these decisions don’t have to be made by WWE for a long time since the move to Fox won’t happen until the fall of 2019.

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