Angle Speaks On Wrestling One Direction Member, Tessmacher Talks Heel Turn

December 31, 2020 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

– The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom picked up the story of One Direction member Liam Payne wrestling TNA star Kurt Angle at the “1D Day” event in Los Angeles, California this past weekend. Angle noted that Payne was “more skilled than he had anticipated” in their mock wrestling match.

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– The following are highlights from a v2 Wrestling interview with TNA Knockout Brooke Tessmacher:

On playing heel instead of babyface: “I think it’s just more rewarding to get out there and feel the hate from the crowd that means you’re doing your job. It’s so much more fun to be over the top and annoying and mean, and to play dirty”

On winning the TNA Knockouts Title: “It was something I never saw coming. I never thought I’d be good enough to hold the title and be looked at as the champion of this company… I’ll always remember that, and I remember that feeling of, ‘Now I’m finally somebody, now I’ve made a point that I’m not just some dancing chick.'”

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