Actor Portrays Vince McMahon, Matt Hardy Denies Dating WWE Diva, WWE-MLB

February 2, 2021 0 By PENTICTONLAWYERS

— As reported earlier today, a drama movie on Andre the Giant called Andre: Heart of the Giant will be released in select theaters starting on Friday, October 10. In a follow-up to this, if you watch the trailer for the movie, they actually have actors portraying other wrestling personalities including The Junkyard Dog, Bruno Sammartino, and last but not least, Vince McMahon. The Junkyard Dog character, who is simply called “Junkyard,” is obese, has gray hair, wears a big chain and tells Andre he’s on his way to Hollywood. The Bruno Sammartino character is called “Bruno,” has a thick Italian accent, and is shown teaching a wrestling hold at the conclusion of the trailer. The Vince McMahon character is called “Vince” and the actor is portraying him from the 1970s what with his trademark canary yellow suit. There’s a scene in the trailer in which the actor does his best Vince imitation. In Vince’s voice he says, “When I saw Andre the Giant on that TV set, I was blown away. Oh my God.” I believe this is the first time Vince McMahon has ever been portrayed in a movie, but if he saw this actor playing him, he’d probably get angry. You can see the trailer at this link. According to the movie’s entry on Wikipedia, other wrestlers are portrayed in the movie including Terry Funk, Adrian Adonis, and Edouard Carpentier. The actor portraying Vince McMahon, Rokki James Hollywood, is the brains behind the movie as he is the director. The movie has been in the works for over three years, but is only just now being released. The original actor cast as Andre, 7′ 6″ Matthew McGrory, died on August 9, 2005. He filmed a few scenes and they will be featured during the credit sequence as a tribute to him.

— Matt Hardy has posted a new blog answering fans’ questions on his MySpace page. He is asked if he would change any single event and/or occurrence in his life and if he is dating WWE Diva Katie Lea. On Katie Lea, Matt said, “HA! There’s the good old internet for ya! I am friends with Katie, but I have no idea how that rumor even got started! But to answer your question, no, I’m not. I’m totally single right now because nobody wants me. ;-)” You can read the blog in its entirety at the following link.

The Bleacher Report has an article comparing WWE stars to different Major League Baseball teams. Triple H is compared to the New York Yankees whereas John Cena is compared to the Philadelphia Phillies. {How Are WWE Superstars Like MLB Teams?}

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